OtherInfernal & the Summoning Altar


Mission Index

  1. Defeat Infernal & his guards (Praetorians)

Notable Foes

Battle the Praetorian threat

Maria Jenkins

You may be aware, Red Tomax, that Portal Corporation has faced down some serious threats from the dimension they've designated Upsilon Beta 9-6. Otherwise known as Praetorian Earth. It's a dimension ruled by brutal supervillains who seem intent on claiming our world for their own. Portal scientists have done a lot of research into the Praetorian dimension, and they believe they've identified weaknesses for each of the Praetorian supervillains. I'm about to send you on some of the most critical missions you'll ever carry out. You've got to battle this new threat at it's source: Praetorian Earth.

The dangers you face on that world will be monstrous. I'd recommend always bringing a few friends along for backup.

Your first task is to prevent the villain Infernal from summoning more demons to bind within his spectral armor. I need you to get to Infernal's lair and destroy his summoning altar.

Part 1: Defeat Infernal & his guards (Destroy the summoning portal)
Infernal's Lair @ Peregrine Island (Praetorians)

The shadows that flit across the cavern walls seem somehow substantial.

Objective: This altar can no longer be used to summon demons.

InfernalInfernal [Arch-Villain]
On Praetorian Earth Infernal never had Numina's guidance to temper his drive to control more and more demons. When he first arrived on Praetorian Earth, Diabolique encouraged him to bind more and more demons into his armour until they corrupted his spirit. With the darkness came power and soon Infernal had become stronger than his guide. He is extremely power hungry and is happy to cross over to Primal Earth, where there may be more demons for him to use.

Mission Complete: You defeated Infernal and destroyed his sumoning altar.

Maria Jenkins

I think they've sent me the right hero for this job, Red Tomax. In one mighty effort, you crippled the armies of Infernal, one of the biggest threats the Praetorians have to offer. I've got many more jobs like this for you, and not one of them is going to be easy. But I'm beginning to believe that you'll see them throuhg to the finish.


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