OtherThe Carnival and Morrison Stocks and Bonds


Mission Index

  1. Stop all carnies in office (Carnival of Shadows)
  2. Rescue Molly Morrison

Stop the Carnival Attack

Madeleine Casey

I just got a call from a Morrison Stocks & Bonds. Their office is under attack by those strange Carnival goons, and they're terrorizing everybody inside. I need you to get over to that office and stop the madness!

What does the Carnival want with stockbrokers? That's what I want to know.

Part 1: Stop all carnies in office (2 people to rescue)
Office @ Peregrine Island (Carnival of Shadows)

A voice cries, 'Make him crawl! Yeah, make him crawl!'

Mission Complete: You rescued the stockbrokers from the Carnival of Shadows.

ClueLester Morrison's story

When you rescued Lester Morrison from the Carnival of Shadows, he said:

'I went to one of their parties last week, and I think they read my mind! How else could that know what I was planning to do? I think they're on their way over to McGillicuddy Accounting now. I think they have plans for my wife.'

Part 2: Rescue Molly Morrison
Office @ Founders' Falls

A painted message on one wall reads, 'Always look on the bright side of life'.

Mission Complete: You rescued Molly Morrison.

ClueMolly Morrison's Story

When you rescued Molly Morrison from the Carnival of Shadows, she told you:

'They said my husband was planning to murder me, in order to increase the value of my artwork! I didn't want to believe it, but he has been distant ever since he lost a bundle funding my first gallery show. Modern art is so risky these days. The carnies said they would save my life, if I'd agree to join them. They said I had a real talent!'

Madeleine Casey

So, Lester Morrison was planning to murder his wife, just so he could cash in on the increased value of her paintings? And somehow the Carnival found out! I don't like the Carnival much, Red Tomax, but today they helped you stop a hideous crime. One thing I don't understand, though: how did they know what Lester Morrison was planning? According to him, he never spoke of it to a single soul. Maybe the Carnival really can read minds!


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