OtherThe Carnival and the PCPD


Mission Index

  1. Stop Carnival's wild party (Carnival of Shadows)
  2. Take files to Gordon Stacy

Stop the Carnival's party before they find the files

Madeleine Casey

I just got word that the Carnival of Shadows is throwing one of their wild parties in the office of City Councilman Klein. They're hypnotizing everyone inside, but that's only half the problem. Councilman Klein is on the oversight committee for the police department's undercover ops program. He has files that list the names of all PCPD undercover operatives, as well as the groups they're currently investigating. If the Carnival finds those files, a lot fo good men and women may never make it home to their families. Can you stop the Carnival's party before they find the files? Once you've got the files, take them over to Gordon Stacy. As police captain, he'll be able to keep them secure.

The Carnival's wild bacchanals have a way of getting deadly. I'd be ready for anything if I were you.

Part 1: Stop Carnival's wild party (Find files, 4 people to save)
Office @ Brickstown (Carnival of Shadows)

The annoying bleat of a kazoo blends with a horrified scream.

Objective: You found the files on the undercover agents!

ClueUndercover agent dossiers

These dossiers, taken from Councilman Kleins's office, list every undercover agent employed by the Paragon City Police Department. The comprehensive files contain each agent's name, photgraph, home address, and distinguishing features. A note inside the top folder says, 'I'll expect my payment promptly'.

Mission Complete: You found the files before the Carnival got to them.

Part 2: Take files to Gordon Stacy
Delivery @ Brickstown
Gordon Stacy

It certainly looks as though Councilman Klein deliberately left these files for the Carnival to find. It's heinous, Red Tomax. He planned to seel out all those undercover officers. Good work, deputy. I'm going to have him brought in right away.

Madeleine Casey

Councilman Klein's claiming that he didn't help the Carnival deliberately; he says he was the victim of their strange hypnotists. We may never know whether he's telling the truth, but one thing is certain: we'll have to watch each other much more closely from now on. If the Carnival can truly make us act against our wishes, they may be our most challenging enemy yet!


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