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Mission Index

  1. Secure Portal Corp from Rikti

Stop the Rikti from securing Portal technology

Angus McQueen

Let's get straight to work, Red Tomax. The Rikti are striking a Portal Corporation research lab. It's a small lab, where they try out all the new technology; it's even a secret to most of Portal Corporation's staff. You must stop the Rikti from securing that portal technology. Before I escaped the Rikti, I was ablw to learn a good deal about upcoming operations. The Rikti have been working toward a dangerous new goal. Ever since contact with the Rikti homeworld was cut off, the Rikti trapped on Earth have been desperate to establish contact with the homeworld again. I believe that they are getting very close to starting their own dimensional travel program. Their goal will be to find alternate routes back to our homeworld. If they succeed, they could start a new invasion.

The Rikti will be looking to accomplish several main goals: kidnap key Portal Corporation researchers, copy Portal Corporation files about near dimensions, and acquire Portal Corporation portal generation technology. You can either defeat all Rikti operatives, or prevent them from accomplish these goals.

Part 1: Secure Portal Corp from Rikti (3 researchers, 2 computers)
Portal Corp aboratory @ The Hollows

You pass through security checkpoints and blockades. The Rikti seem to be contained here, but only you can stop them from breaking out with stolen Portal Corporation secrets.

Mission Complete: You were able to keep the Rikti from stealing information and kidnapping researchers, but they've already taken key hardware.

Angus McQueen

Your overall success was quite impressive. The Rikti did manage to get away with important Portal technology, but without the databases and captives, they will not be able to use it effectively. However, they may still have enough information to begin opening portals of their own. I hope that I will be able to count on your continued assistance in preventing an interdimensional Rikti breakout.

I am especially glad that you were able to prevent the abduction of the researchers. The Rikti would no doubt have used an alteration process on them to ensure their cooperation. The Rikti's transformation process can be extremely traumatic, even to a prepared mind, and retaining human thought patterns is difficult. On their behalf, I'd like to extend my personal thanks.


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