OtherPut a stop to the Carnival of Shadow's hijinx in Peregrine Island


Mission Index

  1. Combat Carnival in Peregrine

Go to Peregrine Island and show the Carnival you won't put up with their hijinks

Harvey Maylor

The business owners in Peregrine Island have been complaining about a lot of Carnival thefts lately. Actually, they haven't been complaining so much as throwing up their hands and wondering who stole the cash register. Something has to be done. I want you to get over to Peregrine Island and show the Carnival we won't put up with their hijinks. Someone's got to make this city safe for small business.

Vanessa DeVore never seems to get her grubby little fists on enough cash. If she had her way, everyone in town would owe her a tithe. You might want to start discouraging that attitude near Mera Heights or Nelson Borough.

Part 1: Combat Carnival in Peregrine (Defeat 50 Carnies)
Defeat X @ Peregrine Island

Mission Complete: You have discouraged the Carnival from raiding the businesses of Peregrine Island.

Harvey Maylor

I'm going to do an editorial on your sweep through Peregrine Island. Thanks to you, the business owners over there can hang on to their earnings, for a change.


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