OtherSave Paula DeSotto's lab from the Sky Raiders


Mission Index

  1. Stop Sky Raiders attack (Sky Raiders)

Save the lab from the Sky Raiders

Georgia Fields

I've gotten an urgent message from a contact of mine, Paula DeSotto. She works in a military laboratory that's been trying to get a trace on some of theSky Raider's stolen goods. They recently picked up a signal from some beacons placed on some high end military weaponry. But before she could call in here superiors, the Sky Raiders traced the signal back and attacked! I need you to get over there and save that lab from the Sky Raiders!

They've got a lot of important equipment in that lab, Red Tomax. If you cna't get the hostages out and protect their equipment, I'm afraid this mission will be a failure.

You need to save the scientists and their equipment. It's critical to the fight against the Sky Raiders.

Part 1: Stop Sky Raiders attack (3 people to save, Protcet the equipment)
Laboratory (Sky Raiders)

A scream echoes down the metal corridor.

Objective: You have saved the equipment from the Sky Raiders' determined attacks.

Mission Complete: You have saved the lab from the Sky Raiders.

Georgia Fields

I'm proud to be working with you, Red Tomax. Not only did you save a friend of mine, but you saved a valuable military effort as well. As long as we can keep tracking the Sky Raiders' stolen equipment, we can put a stop to their mercenary activities. I have no doubt you'll be of great use in that regard.


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