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  1. Recover trohy from Clockwork (Clockwork)

Recover Manny's trophy

Tom Bowden

This might seem a little odd, Red Tomax, but I have a personal favour to ask you. I have a buddy, Manny, whose house was recently raided by Clockwork scavengers. They stole all the metal in the place, including his track trophy from college. It's a 15-year-old hunk of scrap, but it's the only reminder he has of life before the war, when he could walk. If you can recover manny's trophy, I'd sure appreciate it.

Manny tried to get it back himself, but the Clockwork disassembled his wheelchair. he was able to follow them to an abandoned warehouse first. you can take out the Clockwork there if you want, but Manny really just wants his trophy back.

Part 1: Recover trohy from Clockwork
Abandoned Warehouse (Clockwork)

There's a lot of Clockwork in here, but tangling with them is not your priority. You're after the trophy, and you can't let these geaarheads get in your way.

Mission Complete: You found Manny's trophy!

ClueManny's Track Trophy

This trophy commemorates manny's first place finish in the 100-yard dash.

Tom Bowden

Thank you, Red Tomax. Manny's going to be so happy! I know it may not seem like a big victory, but this trophy you recovered is probably the only thing that kept Manny going after he lost his legs in the war.


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