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Mission Index

  1. Stop the Council sabotage (Council)

Go to Steel Canyon and stop the Council sabotage

Lorenzo DiCosta

There's a problem in Steel Canyon that I think you may be able to solve. The Council has been sabotaging a lot of businesses in the area: a computer companies, scientific labs, anyone who might be producing technology that can aid Paragon City. You've got to get to Steel Canyon and stop the Council sabotage.

A good neighbourhood to start in would be Royal Overlook. Or you could try Bronze Way.

Part 1: Stop the Council sabotage (Defeat 10 Council)
Defeat X @ Steel Canyon (Council)

Mission Complete: You have discouraged the Council from sabotaging the businesses in Steel Canyon.

Lorenzo DiCosta

Thanks, Red Tomax. i'm sure the businesses of Steel Canyon won't forget this.


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