Story ArcThe Tsoo Shenanigans


Mission Index

  1. Pick up Tsoo info from Juliana
  2. Bust gang leaders, their crews (Trolls ,Tsoo)
  3. Bust gang leaders, their crews (Outcasts,Tsoo)
  4. Take drug to Wyatt Anderson
  5. Take the artifact to Vitaly Cherenko
  6. Interrogate Tsoo about plot (Tsoo)
  7. Defeat Mr. Po and his crew (Tsoo)
  8. Defeat all Tsoo in Rage lab (Tsoo)

Pick up the Tsoo data from Juliana Nehring

Thao Ku

Hey there, Red Tomax. I've got a pretty simple simple task for you today. My friend Juliana Nehring has some info on the Tsoo that I would very much like to hear. Trouble is, she's kind of paranoid about using normal channels. Could you go pick up the Tsoo data from Juliana? I know I can count on you to keep it safe.

Thanks a lot, Red Tomax; this will keep Juliana's mind at ease.

Part 1: Pick up Tsoo info from Juliana
Delivery @ Skyway City
Juliana Nehring

I'm so glad Thao Ku sent you. My sources tell me that the Trolls have been meeting secretly with the Tsoo. In fact, I just got word that some Tsoo were seen entering a Troll-occupied office building not far from here. I think you should go check it out.

Part 2: Bust gang leaders, their crews (3 office workers to rescue)
Office @ Skyway City (Trolls ,Tsoo)

This seems like an ordinary office building, but the unnatural hush tells you that no legitimate business is being conducted here.

Mission Complete: On one of the defeated Tsoo you found a drug ampoule.

ClueDrug ampoule

You found this ampoule on a defeated Tsoo, in an office that had been taken over by the Trolls. The white skull log indicates that it is probably Superadine.

Thao Ku

Thanks for taking on the Tsoo and the Trolls. This ampoule you found probably contains Superadine ...

Check out the warehouse in Steel Canyon

Thao Ku

Good day, Red Tomax. I am hearing some troubling rumors today. Could you check out a warehouse in Steel Canyon for me? There have been reports of high-ranking Tsoo going in and out of there for days.

I have a feeling the Tsoo are planning something big. Please see what you can find out.

Part 3: Bust gang leaders, their crews (Search for clues)
Warehouse @ Steel Canyon (Outcasts,Tsoo)

The scorch marks and patches of frost on the walls mark this building as an Outcasts hangout.

Objective: You found a strange bronze statue.

ClueStatue of falcon

While fighting the Outcats, you recovered this bronze statue of a screaming falcon. It seemed that the Tsoo were trying to sell it to the Outcasts, though you don't know what they expected in return.

Mission Complete: You defeated the villains and recovered an artifact.

Thao Ku

That statue you found is exactly the kind of artifact the Outcasts crave. It may be that the Tsoo were trying to sell it to them. Now, if we only knew what they wanted in return.

I have a bad feeling that the Tsoo are planning something big. We need to look further into their meetings with the Outcasts and the Trolls.

Take the drug ampoule to Wyatt Anderson

Thao Ku

I got a call about that drug ampoule you found at the meeting between the Trolls and the Tsoo. My friend Wyatt Anderson is pretty interested in seeing it for himself. Would you take the drug ampoule over to Wyatt?

I'm trying to learn more about that artifact the Tsoo were trying to sell to the Outcasts. The minute I hear anything, I'll let you know.

Part 4: Take drug to Wyatt Anderson
Delivery @ Steel Canyon
Wyatt Anderson

You're right, this drug is packaged exactly like Superadine. But it isn't. It's Rage.

The Tsoo have been manufacturing Rage lately; they're hoping it will become the new drug of choice. Let me teel you, you don't want to mix the two. It would cause a massive chemical imbalance in the brain, turning you into a berserk killing machine.

Oh, I almost forgot; Thao Ku called me. Apparently Vitaly Cherenko wants a look at some artifact you recovered from the Outcasts. Thao Ku said you should get it to him without delay.

Part 5: Take the artifact to Vitaly Cherenko
Delivery @ Skyway City
Vitaly Cherenko

You say the Tsoo were trying to sell this artifact to the Outcasts? Well, that brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'buyer beware!'. This statue gives the bearer power all right, but it does so by eating away at his soul!

I think the Tsoo may be trying to sabotage the Outcasts. Maybe you should hit the streets in Steel Canyon. If you defeat enough Tsoo, you may convince one of them to tell us more about their plans.

Part 6: Interrogate Tsoo about plot (Defeat 15 Tsoo)
Defeat x @ Any (Tsoo)

Mission Complete: You found a coded note on one of the defeated Tsoo.

ClueCoded note

You found this note on a Tsoo gangster. It reads:

'R Y N P S K N G S E Q S R J T P D P J I R C J H L S I X J D R J Q Y A P J N I K A I N N P A I K S P N J L N P S R A I K S R 9 7 C S L S C A R X V N S Q F R Y S R H J P N Q X I R Y N Q A Z N P Q E N S O O N O Q J V N C S I A I C P N S Q N L P J O T C R A J I H P L J'

Thao Ku

So, one of the Tsoo you defeated was carrying this note? Nice job. I think I can get this decoded pretty quickly. With any luck it'll tell us more about the Tsoo's recent meetings with the Trolls and the Outcasts.

I've sent the note that Tsoo gangster was carrying to a cryptographer. Hopefully he can give us some solid information to go on.

Clear out the Tsoo headquarters

Thao Ku

I've got a guy hard at work decoiding that Tsoo note you found, but I don't think we can wait for his translation. I just got a hot tip on the location of the Tsoo headquarters; if we don't move quickly, they may have a chance to move. I need you to clear out the Tsoo headquarters now, Red Tomax. Take this com unit so I can get in touch with you wherever you are.

The headquarters is under the control of a Tsoo known as Mr. Po. Above all, I want Mr. Po in custody

ClueCom unit

This waveband communications unit should allow your contact to get in touch with you anywhere in Paragon City.

Part 7: Defeat Mr. Po and his crew
Abandoned warehouse @ Steel Canyon (Tsoo)

Discarded tattoo needles testify to the Tsoo's unwaivering allegience to their gang.

Objective: You found a strange bronze status, similar to the one the Tsoo were trying to sell to the Outcasts.

ClueStatue of deer

You recovered this bronze statue of a wounded deer in a Tsoo hideout. It is similar in design to the dangerous artifact you found the Tsoo trying to sell to the Outcasts.

Mission Complete: Do you copy? It's Thao Ku. I got that note decoded. It seems the Tsoo are using that Rage drug to poison the Trolls! The note you found reveals the location of their Rage lab. We need you to get over there and shut it down. Thao Ku over and out.

Shut down Rage lab

Part 8: Defeat all Tsoo in Rage lab (12 Rage synthesizers remaining)
Laboratory @ Skyway City (Tsoo)

This high tech equipment wasn't purchased by a bunch of floundering gangsters. The Tsoo must have resources no one has guessed at.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Tsoo and destroyed the Rage synthesizers.

Thao Ku

Great job, Red Tomax. The Tsoo won't be poisoning the Trolls with their Rage anytime soon.

The way I figure it, the Tsoo are trying to weaken all the other gangs in Paragon City. They tried to poison the Tolls by giving them Rage, a drug that reacts badly with the Superadine that the Trolls regularly take. And they tried to cripple the Outcasts by selling them artifacts that consume the bearer's soul. Who knows what they are doing to undermine the other gangs?

Souvenir: Rage ampoule

You've kept this Rage ampoule as a reminder of your efforts to stop the Tsoo from poisoning the Trolls. in an adventure you've come to think of as:

The Tsoo Shenanigans

Concerned by the activities of the aggressive Tsoo. your contact sent you to Juliana Nehring for some data. She provided the information. and tipped you off to a possible connection between the Tsoo and the Trolls. You went to an office building where the two groups were meeting in secret. There. you recovered an ampoule of a drug you assumed to be Superadine.

You were also sent to an Outcasts hideout. where you encountered the Tsoo and recovered a strange bronze statue.

You took the drug you found to Wyatt Anderson for analysis. and learned that it was a new. Tsoo-manufactured drug called Rage. You took the artifact to Vitaly Cherenko. who told you that it was an extremely dangerous artifact that could consume the bearer's soul. It seemed clear that the Tsoo were trying to weaken their rival gangs. At Vitaly's suggestion. you hit the streets. After defeating many Tsoo. you recovered a note written in code.

You learned the location of the Tsoo headquarters and went to shut it down. There you discovered another bronze statue. much like the first one. Your contact then radioed you. to tell you the coded note had been deciphered. According to the note. the Tsoo were using Rage to poison the Trolls! You hastened to the Rage lab and destroyed it. putting an end to the Tsoo's evil plot.

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