Task ForceThe Fall of the Clockwork King


Mission Index

  1. Seek electrical anomaly (Clockwork)
  2. Combat the Clockwork
  3. Talk to Positron
  4. Defeat all Clockwork in station
  5. Defeat all Clockwork in station
  6. Defeat all Clockwork in station
  7. Patrol, scan for Clockwork
  8. Stop all robots in headquarters
  9. Patrol, seek King's hideout
  10. Defeat Bertha and its guards
  11. Defeat Long Tom and its guards
  12. Investigate the first warehouse
  13. Stop Clockwork Lord, its guards
  14. Get Immobilizer from Positron
  15. Defeat Clockwork King, his court

Synapse's Cohort
Synapse has awarded you this medal in recognition of your defeat of the Clockwork King.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Investigate the electrical anomoly


Good to see you. My electrical senses have been picking up some strange currents. I want you to patrol Steel Canyon and investigate the electrical anomaly. You up to it?

I've been seeing a lot of Clockwork over there, but I don't see how they could cause an electrical disturbance. After all, the Clockwork King operates them telekinetically, not with electricity.

You'll need a code name if you're going to be working in the field. I think Task Force Velocity has a nice ring to it.

Part 1: Seek electrical anomaly
Warehouse @ Steel Canyon (Clockwork)

Synapse led you to the right place... a tinge of ozone permeates the air.

Mission Complete: On one of the Clockwork you defeated you found a power routing device.

CluePower Router

This electrical device can be used to harness electrical energy from a large source. You found it on a Clockwork minion.


The Clockwork were carrying some kind of power router, huh? It's interesting, but it still doesn't explain the electrical disturbance in Steel Canyon.

I'll show this poeer router to Positron and ask for his opinion. If I can ever get him to stop sharing it with me, I'll let you know what he thinks the Clockwork may be up to.

You're doing quite well, Task Force Velocity.

Hit the streets and thin the numbers of the Clockwork


Something is definitely afoot with the Clockwork. They are swarming all over the place, especially Steel canyon. I need you to hit the street and thin the numbers of the Clockwork. If you're lucky, maybe you'll learn something more about that strange power router you found on that Clockwork robot.

This won't be easy, but I know I can count on you and your comrades.

I'll hang onto that power router you found until I can talk to Positron about it.

Part 2: Combat the Clockwork (Defeat 30 Clockwork)
Defeat X

Mission Complete: Missing

ClueSecond power routing device

Synapse the speedster contacted you after detecting an electrical anomaly in Steel Canyon. While checking it out, you found a Clockwork minion carrying an electrical power router.


One of those little robots was carrying another power router? Ok, this is starting to make me really edgy. That's the second one we've found.

I really think you need the always brilliant, but usually long-winded advice of Positron. He may have some insight on those power routers you found the Clockwork carrying.

Go talk to Positron


Positron has the scope on those power routers you found on the Clockwork. I need you to go talk to Positron right now. He'll tell you what to do.

Please do whatever Positron asks of you.

Part 3: Talk to Positron
Delivery @ Blyde Square, Steel Canyon

I'm glad Synpase sent you my way, guys. These power routers you found are very interesting. They are deisgned to shunt power from a grid substation and feed it to a place of the controller's choosing. The basic mechanism is quite sophisticated, but there are a number of redundant parts . Quite intriguing.

Oh, you probably want the locations of the power substations, don't you? Here they are; go keep Steel Canyon powered up!

Part 4: Defeat all Clockwork in station
Laboratory @ Steel Canyon

The floor beneath you vibrates with the thrum of machinery.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Clockwork

Part 5: Defeat all Clockwork in station
Laboratory @ Steel Canyon

A tiny, brass cog rests against a baseboard. Once again, the Clockwork have beat you to the station.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Clockwork

Part 6: Defeat all Clockwork in station
Laboratory @ Steel Canyon

After so many battles with the Clockwork, the sound of rotating gears quickens your pulse.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Clockwork


Positron is beaming with pride over your actions, Red Tomax. You protected all those power substations from the Clockwork. All that's left now is to find their headquarters of operation and shut it down.

Positron has been working on some kind of gizmo to help you find the Clockwork's headquarters. Let me know when you are ready to try it out.

Find the Clockwork Headquarters


We're all grateful that you stopped the CLockwork plot to divert Steel Canyon's power, Task Force Inertia. But the job's far from over. I want you to find the Clockwork headquarters. Positron built a scanner that should help us find them. Start in Steel Canyon, and check in at the patrol boxes as you scan the area.

Just keep moving, and the scanner should accumulate enough data to locate the Clockwork's headquarters.

ClueMakeshift scanner

This scanner was cobbled together by Positron. It detects the large concentration of metal typically used in the construction of Clockwork. It's also sensitive to the unique mental signature generated by the Clockwork King when he controls his minions telekinetically.

Part 7: Patrol, scan for Clockwork (Visit 2 locations)

Mission Complete: The scanner is indicating a heavy concentration of Clockwork in an abandoned office building.

Part 8: Stop all robots in headquarters
Abandoned office

Mounds of scrap metal are heaped in the corners of this lobby. Seems the Clockwork aren't the tidiest of housekeepers.

Mission Complete: You cleared out the Clockwork's headquarters, preventing further danger to Steel Canyon's power grid.


I really owe you one for clearing up the trouble in Steel Canyon for me. With heroes like you around, the Clockwork will never find a way to steal Steel Canyon's power.

The Clockwork King sure wanted to get his hands on Steel Canyon's power. It seems that his base of operations has got to be either there, or in one of the nearby city zones. It's only a matter of time before we find him.

It won't be long before then name Task Force Velocity is on everybody's lips.

Run a patrol in Steel Canyon


That last Clockwork scheme was scary, Task Force Velocity. If you guys hadn't stopped them, the Clockwork woudl have rerouted all Steel Canyon's power to their own base! We can't let these activities continue. I think it's time to track down the Clockwork King.

I've made a number of sweeps across Paragon City with a scanner that Positron made, and I think I have the possible locations narrowed down to Steel Canyon and Boomtown. I need you to run a patrol in Steel Canyon. See if you can dig up any leads on the Clockwork King's hideout.

We need a new lead; I am beginning to suspect that the King has found a way to shield himself against Positron's scans.

Part 9: Patrol, seek King's hideout (Visit 5 locations)

Mission Complete:

Nothing on the patrol, eh? Well, that's all right. We'll find the Clockwork King's hideout, never fear.

In fact, I think I may have a lead. A big Clockwork called Bertha was spotted going into an abandoned office not too far away. Check it out.

Part 10: Defeat Bertha and its guards
Abandoned office @ 'Boomtown'

Even the doorknobs and switch plates have fallen victim to the Clockwork scavengers.


This Clockwork piece you found looks very distinctive. I bet we can trace it.

I will do a quick search and find out where this Clockwork part came from. Maybe it can lead us to the King himself.

Go talk to the Foreman


I was right. After a quick scan, I was able to locate the warehouse where that distinctive Clockwork part originated. Go talk to the formeman. I let him know you would drop by.

This place has been hit by the Clockwork several times. The foreman sounds pretty unhappy about it.

Part 11: Defeat Long Tom and its guards
Warehouse @ Steel Canyon

This is where the foreman was supposed to meet you. Suddenly you hear it: the sound of a Clockwork attack!

Mission Complete: You defeated the Clockwork and spoke to the warehouse foreman.

ClueForeman Conversation

The foreman you rescued told you, 'This is getting rediculous! These metal annoyances must have me on some kind of regular route! Synapse said you wanted to know more about that distinctive Clockwork part you found. Well, we manufactured it, all right. We only sent parts like that to three different locations; here they are.


Acording to the foreman, that part went to only three locations. I guess we better check 'em all; any one could be the Clockwork King's hideout.

Nothing to do now but check out the warehouses that had those unusual parts delivered. I'll bet anything that one of them is a Clockwork operation!

Investigate the first warehouse


We know those parts you found were delivered to only three locations. I think we need to check out each of the three warehouses. If we are lucky, this trail will lead to the big man himself: the Clockwork King!

I'm calling the first warehouse to mkae sure they know you're coming. Wait! They say they're under attack right now, and there are innocents in danger. Get moving!

Part 12: Investigate the first warehouse (6 warehouse workers to save)
Warehouse @ Skyway City

An overturned table lies beside several broken mugs. It seems the Clockwork surprised the warehouse workers during their coffee break.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Clockwork and rescued the warehouse workers.

Part 13: Stop Clockwork Lord, its guards
Warehouse @ Skyway City

This warehouse is quite. Perhaps too quiet. You prefer the heat of battle to this eerie, expectant slience.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Clockwork Lord. By now, Positron should have a new version of his Clockwork Immobilizer ready for you.

Babbage will Ambush you after this mission!

Part 14: Get Immobilizer from Positron
Delivery @ Steel Canyon

Here you go, the Mark IV Clockwork Immobilizer. Save this for the King, it only has one charge!

Part 15: Defeat Clockwork King, his court
Clockwork King's Court @ Skyway City

You know this battle will be dangerous, but you can't suppress a grin.

Synapse's Cohort
Awarded for completing the final mission of the Task Force.

You did it, you put him down! I never had a doubt.

With the Clockwork King in captivity, perhaps we can find a way to contain his mental powers. I'm sure Positron and Sister Psyche can't wait to get started on that. Paragon City owes Task Force Velocity a great debt today, Red Tomax. This day will be remembered for a long time.

Souvenir: Clockwork part

You've kept this small Clockwork part as a reminder of:

The Fall of the Clockwork King

Synapse the speedster contacted you after detecting an electrical anomaly in Steel Canyon. While checking it out. you found a Clockwork minion carrying an electrical power router. When you found a second power router on annother robot. Synapse sent you to Positron for advice. Positron guided you to the three power grid substations in Steel Canyon. where you battled the Clockwork to prevent them from stealing the city's power. Using a device created by Positron. you were able to find the headquarters for the entire operation and shut it down.

Synapse then sent you to Boomtown to search for the lair of the Clockwork King. After defeating a number of his minions. you found a distinctive mechanical piece amid the remains of one of the fallen robots. Synapse traced teh piece to a storage warehouse and sent you to investigate. After you saved the foreman from some Clockwork attackers. he told you of three locations where similar parts had been shipped.

As you investigated the warehouses. it became evident that you were closing in on the Clockwork King. Armed with determination and one of Positron's inventions. you came face to face with the Clockwork King. Through your valiant efforts the King was captured for the first time!


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