PCPD Security DetailGalaxy City Security Detail


Mission Index

  1. Talk to the Security Chief
  2. Keep peace in Galaxy CIty (Hellions)

Talk to the Security Chief

Prince Kiros Nandelu

I need you to go talk to the Galaxy City Security Chief. He has information about the current situation here in Galaxy City. Your compass will guide you there.

Please listen carefully to the Security Chief. If he has a task for you, it will be very important.

Part 1: Talk to the Security Chief
Delivery @ Galaxy City
Galaxy City Security Chief

Here's a breifing sheet on the situation in galaxy City. Now hit the streets and help out with the Hellions. You might try looking for them in the Equinox or Orion Beltway neighbourhoods.

ClueGalaxy City briefing

Galaxy City is named after the late Galaxy Girl, who fell during the Rikti War. Though she had few super powers and never gained much fame in the world at large, Galaxy Girl was one of Paragon City's favourites. She was a constant presence in the skies since her appearance in the 1950's. She worked tirelessly to improve the lives of her fellow citizens, not just by fighting evil, but also through her charity work. No doubt she would be proud to see a new generation of heroes battling the Hellions, a street gang bent on claiming Galaxy City as their own.

Part 2: Keep peace in Galaxy CIty (Defeat 5 Hellions)
Defeat X @ Galaxy City (Hellions)

Mission Complete: You have defeated 5 Hellions

Prince Kiros Nandelu

Well done, Red Tomax. With heroes like you around we have a chance to make Galaxy City safe for everyone.


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