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  1. Discourage Clockwork scavenging (Clockwork)

Discourage the Clockwork scavenging in Kings Row

Paula Dempsey

The Clockwork scavenging is becoming a real problem in Kings Row. Those little metal menaces are taking street lamps, sewer gates, and everythying else they can get their mitts on. I need you to discourage the Clockwork scavenging in Kings Row. Otherwise, that whol;e zone is going to turn into a death trap!

Royal Refinery and Freedom Plaza are particularly overrun, but I'm sure any neighbourhood in the zone would welcome your assistance.

Part 1: Discourage Clockwork scavenging (Defeat 10 Clockwork)
Defeat X @ Kings Row (Clockwork)
Paula Dempsey

Kings Row is a lot safer now, thanks to you.


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