OtherMecha: Plot at Jovian Storage


Mission Index

  1. Defeat Mecha and its guards (Clockwork)

Go to Jovian Storage locate any clues you can and shut down the Clockwork plot

Paula Dempsey

We;ve got some Clockwork down at the old abandoned Jovian Storage warehouse complex. Sources say they're using it as a staging area for a massive attack against the city. Red Tomax, we've never heard of the Clockwork trying anything this bold! It's absolutely imperative that you go to Jovian Storage and shut down the Clockwork plot!

I hear there's a large robot inside called Mecha. Watch out for it while you are hunting for information, Red Tomax.

Part 1: Defeat Mecha and its guards (FInd evidence of plot)
Abandoned Warehouse @ Atlas Park (Clockwork)

This warehouse once belonged to a highly successful company, but there is no evidence of its former glory.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Clockwork and found the diary of the Clockwork King.

ClueDiary of the Clockwork King

This diary is filled with the frenzied ramblings of the Clockwork King. In one section, he writes:

'Red Tomax reminds me so much of the vigilante who destroyed my body and left me to this metal shell. I must eliminate this new threat.'

Paula Dempsey

So, the Clockwork were planning nothing more than your demise! I'm sorry I sent you into a trap, Red Tomax, but this diary may well be worth the risk. It should give us valuable new insights into the Clokwork King's madness. I must admit I always wondered why he had transplanted his brain into a Clockwork robot. Now I know. It's no wonder that he hates heroes so much, if it was one of them who consigned him to that fate. It's a sad thing, really. With his brilliant engineering skills, the Clockwork King could have been a hero in his own right.


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