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Mission Index

  1. Speak with Sara Moore (Soldiers of Rularuu)
  2. Speak with Dr. Huxley
  3. Get Kora Fruit

Speak with Sara Moore

Dr. Huxley

Well, um, hmmm. There's so much to do, let me think. Ah, I know! Kora Fruit! That's what I'm researching, and I think you might find them pretty helpful, too. Kora Fruit are one of the most exciting things we've discovered, at least from a biomedical and pharmecutical perspective. The difficulty lies in getting sampes, sine they're often guarded by the Rularuu. So, how about while I figure out what I'm going to need you help with, you speak with Miss Moore over there? She's sort of a leader among the natives, and she's been a big help with all kinds of things out here. She's actually the one who first brought Kora Fruit to our attention.

Personally, I think she also has a bit of a crush on Lt. Col. Flynn.

Miss Moore's right over there. She should be able to explain a good deal about the Kora Fruit.

Part 1: Speak with Sara Moore
Delivery @ Cascade Archipelago (Soldiers of Rularuu)
Sara Moore

In the name of all the people of Paragon, I greet you, great Red Tomax. I have heard of your might and power from others of the people, and from the expedition. It is an honour to meet you.

I was the first to tell the expedition of the Kora Fruit. I brought some to explorers who were in danger from the Rularuu, and with them saved lives. Ever since I saved Lieutenant Colonel Flynn and his men that day, I have worked to help the expedition and my own people.

By our tales, our people have used the Kora Fruit since before the madess broke the world. Kora Fruit come from Kora Vines, which feed on the red water of the Cascades in deep caves. Each kind of Kora Fruit gives a great boon to those who taste it; healing, restoring, energy, or even making one fight better. Our people have survived much thanks to the Kora. However, the Kora also draw the Rularuu in great numbers. It is not known why, for they do not eat of it, but merely guard it.

Red Tomax, I know that you are busy with great works now, but if you speak with me again later I have a task that requires a great force of mighty heroes to accomplish.

Part 2: Speak with Dr. Huxley
Delivery @ Cascade Archipelago
Dr. Huxley

As Miss Moore no doubt explained, one of the big difficulties with researching Kora Fruit is that the Rularuu are also attracted to it. This makes it hard to get samples. It's one of the more dangerous things that the naties do to survive. Well, on that note, how about I ask you to help get a small sample of Kora Fruit for me? Miss Moore's people recently found a small cave with some Kora Fruit that only recently's been overtaken by the Rularuu, so it shouldn't be that difficult to reach them.

Now remember, when you pick a Kora Fruit it will give you an inspiration, so keep some space open to receive it.

Part 3: Get Kora Fruit (4 Kora vine)
Tunnels @ Cascade Archipelago

The cave is both warm and slightly damp inside.

Objective: You received an inspiration!

ClueKora Fruit

You've gathered these Kora Fruit for Dr. Huxley.

Mission Complete: You harvested the Kora Fruit for Dr. Huxley.

Dr. Huxley

Thank you, Red Tomax! These are perfect specimens. Now, whenever you pick a Kora fruit, you'll get one to use yourself. They act just like the most powerful kinds of inspirations, so remember to keep enough free space for it, or it will be wasted.

Contact me any time you want to gather more Kora Fruit. I'll always need more for study, and would be happy for the help.


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