OtherA Serious Incident: Nemesis' Prisoners


Mission Index

  1. Rescue missing patrol - 1:30:00 (Nemesis)

Rescue the captured patrol within 90 minutes

Lt. Volkov

Red Tomax, there's been a serious incident. A large patrol has been captured by the Nemesis Army, and are being held in a large Nemesis facility. The Nemesis Army will start questioning those men soon, and when they're done with that those soldiers won't have long to live. If you can't rescue the missing patrol, I doubt they'll survive for long. You'll have maybe 90 minutes to save all 8 men.

Your sole objective will be to locate and liberate those men from the Nemesis Army. I suggest that you may wish to bring allies along, however. This could be very dangerous, and you won't have much time at all.

Part 1: Rescue missing patrol - 1:30:00 (8 soldiers)
Tunnels @ Firebase Zulu (Nemesis)

The missing men should be somwhere in this base. You only hope you're not too late.

Mission Complete: You rescued all of the soldiers from the Nemesis Army.

Lt. Volkov

You've got a knack for saving lives, Red Tomax, and I'm glad for the ones you saved today. I'm sure we'll need more help before too long, though. It's dangerous out there.


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