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  1. Find Monuments (Soldiers of Rularuu)

Investigate presence of hidden monuments

Dr. Boyd

We've received a report of several hidden monuments deep in some of the nearby caves. We'd like to investigate to see if the reports are true, but my own people can't get in there, owning to an infestation of Rularuu. General Hammond isn't willing to risk a mission just for archeological purposes, so I thouht perhaps I could ask you?

Thank you so much, Red Tomax. I'm glad that you're willing to help on this. As I mentioned, there are Rularuu infesting the caverns where the monuments are supposedly located, but defeating them is by no means an imperative. All you need to do is get recordings of the monuments, if they exist.

Part 1: Find Monuments (3 monuments)
Tunnels @ Firebase Zulu (Soldiers of Rularuu)

The Rularuu are definitely here. You wonder if the monuments you're looking for are here as well.

Objective: You have taken records and recordings of the monument.

ClueMonument Records

You recorded these pictures and measurements of hidden monuments in the area around Firebase Zulu for Dr. Bruce Boyd.

Mission Complete: You found the monuments and got the records of them Dr. Boyd asked for.

Dr. Boyd

The monuments were there! I knew it! Superd work, Red Tomax. I knew I could trust this to you.

I wonder if the proximity and type of monuments mean something. Could that be another semantic layer? From what we've learned of the language, I wouldn't doubt it.


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