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Mission Index

  1. Rescue captured scouts (Soldiers of Rularuu)

Rescue the captured scouts

General Hammond

Red Tomax, the Rularuu have struck a group of scouts who were moving to releive the men on Firebase November. The survivors say that some 5 men were captured by the Rularuu and taken prisoner. I can't imagine what those monsters will do to those men, and I don't want to have to explain it to their families. if you can rescue the captured scouts from the Rularuu, before they come to harm, I would be very grateful.

The Rularuu are monsters, Red Tomax, that's one of the first things this place teaches you. It will be up to you to get those men out of there. I know you can do it.

Part 1: Rescue captured scouts (5 soldiers)
Tunnels @ Firebase Zulu (Soldiers of Rularuu)

According to what little information you have, the missing men should be somewhere in here. You only hope you're not too late.

Mission Complete: You rescued all of the soldiers from the captured patrol.

General Hammond

That's 5 men who wouldn't have lived to see another day if it hadn't been for you, Red Tomax.


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