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Mission Index

  1. Speak with Sgt. Goddard
  2. Use gravity geyser
  3. Speak with Sgt. Goddard
  4. Give readout to Dr. Quaterfield

Speak to Sgt. Goddard

General Hammond

Before I send you out there, you need to get some orientation first. You'll first need to learn how to use the gravity geysers to manuever between islands swiftly. Speak to Sgt. Goddard. He'll give you the run-down on their use.

I've marked Sgt. Goddard's location for you. He'll tell you how to get around in no time. Getting used to this place may take longer.

After you've finished with Sgt. Goddard, come back and speak with me.

Part 1: Speak with Sgt. Goddard
Delivery @ Firebase Zulu
Sgt. Goddard

Greetings, Red Tomax.

I am Sgt. Goddard, and I have been ordered to give you basic instruction on Shadow Shard survival.

The first lession is the proper use of an anti-graviton vapour well, also known as the Gravity Geyser.

Directly behind me you will see an anti-graviton vapour well, or gravity guyser.

Gravity guysers can be used to rapidy propel you from one island to another along a set path.

In order to use the gravity guyser in this manner, you must first approach the gravity geyser. Most gravity geyser formations have a natural ramp leading up to the well of the geyser. When you make contact with the plume from the geyser, it will launch you into the air.

Most geysers will launch you towards another piece of stable ground. However, you may adjust your course. By attempting to move left, right, forward, or back, you may veer in that direction. be warned that adjusting your course in this manner may cause you to miss your destination and fall.

Additional, I must deliver a VERY IMPORTANT WARNING:
If you have a power that enhances your movement speed active when you contact the gravity geyser, the geyser's effect will be increased, and you WILL MISS your destination. Both SUPER SPEED and SUPER LEAP can cause this sort of reaction, but there are other powers that can also influence your course. You MUST deactivate these powers before you approach a gravity geyser.

You will proceed to the geyser directly behind me, and use it to reach the calibration station on the nearby island. once you have done this you are to return to me for more instruction.

Part 2: Use gravity geyser
Delivery @ Firebase Zulu

Mission Complete: The calibrator takes a few quick measurements and confirms that the geysers are safe for you.

ClueCalibrator readings

This disk contains the readings the calibrator took of your system after you used the gravity geyser. Dr Quaterfield will probably want to see this.

Part 3: Speak with Sgt. Goddard
Delivery @ Firebase Zulu
Sgt. Goddard

Greetings, Red Tomax.
As you have experienced, gravity geysers can be used as a mean of rapid transit between islands.

However, there is always the possibility of falling. While the exotic gravitational conditions of the Shadow Shard provide natural protection from all falling damage, there is also no known solid ground to the Shadow Shard other than the floating Islands. If you are unable to return to solid ground by other means, we have set up a fail-safe system that will transport you back to solid ground.

Also remember that if you are incapacitated and attempt to recall to a hospital, you will be returned to our facility in Firebase Zulu, no matter how deep you are in the Shadow Shard.

You have now been briefed on the use of an anti-graviton vapour well. Now, I would request that you take your results from the Calibrator over to Dr. Quaterfield for analysis.

That is all.

Part 4: Give readout to Dr. Quaterfield
Delivey @ Firebase Zulu
Dr. Quaterfield

Hi there, Red Tomax. General Hamond told me I should be expecting some gravity geyser calidrator results from you.

We're building up a profile of how this place effects people, trying to figure out if it's artificial of natural, or something in between. Results like this help by providing further data.

Speaking of help, I might need the help of a group of heroes later on. General Hammond has authorized me to form a Task Force to deal with some of the issues we've seen out here. Come back by later if you're interested.

General Hammond

Ah, Red Tomax. I hope you've learned a good deal from Sgt. Goddard. The gravity geysers are a useful means of rapid transport. And don't worry about being hurt by falling. Gravity itself is quite different here.

Now that you're orientated, let's give you something to do.


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