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Mission Index

  1. Defeat security chief & his men (Crey)
  2. Take formula to Dr. Sheridan

Get a sample of the Crey Cola formula

Janet Kellum

Have you heard about this new Crey Cola that's going to be on the market soon? Well, I was watching a commercial for it last night, and I felt like I just had to try it! That's when I got suspicious. I had a friend take a look at Crey's advertising, and it turns out they're using subliminal messages to push this soda. I know Crey's competitive, but my gut tells me there's more here than cutthroat capitalism. I need you to get a sample of Crey Cola and get it to Dr. Steven Sheridan. He'll be able to analyze it.

Crey has its fingers in just about every industry in this town. It gives the countess a lot of power, Red Tomax.

Part 1: Defeat security chief & his men (Get sample of Crey Cola)
Warehouse (Crey)

Colourful posters tacked to the wall advertise the forthcoming Crey Cola product.

Objective: You got a sample of the Crey Cola formula!

ClueSample of Crey Cola

You took this sample from a Crey bottling company.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Crey security and found a sample of the formula used to make Crey Cola.

Part 2: Take formula to Dr. Sheridan
Delivery @ Brickstown
Steven Sheridan

My word! This formula is about 90% sugar, 9% artificial coloring, and 1% nanite! You've heard of nanites, right, Red Tomax? Tiny machines small enough to float around in the bloodstream? These are set to collect genetic infromation from the host, then transmit it back to Crey by radio signal. If this product makes it to market, Crey will have genetic data on every Paragon citizen, including our most powerful heroes! Red Tomax, you've got to make this information public!

ClueSample of Crey Cola formula

This cola formula, analyzed by Dr. Steven Sheridan, contains a number of tiny machines called nanites. They're programmed to collect genetic information from their host, then transmit it to Crey by radio signal.

Janet Kellum

Dr. Sheridan called me, and I've got the word out to every media outlet in the city. Wouldn't you know it, Crey got to them first, and they're not reporting the whole story. They're simply saying that the Crey Cola product is being pulled, pending further studies by the FDA. At least you and I know the truth, Red Tomax. You saved the entire city from having their genetic data on file in some Crey lab.


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