OtherThe Revenant Hero Project: Stolen Memories


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all agents in lab (Crey)

Try to keep Janet Kellum's lab in one piece

Janet Kellum

I just got word that Crey is ransacking my lab! I don't understand this at all. I've worked so hard to keep that lab's location a secret. Only a few of my most trusted associates know where it is. People like you, Red Tomax. Will you please get over to my lab and try to keep it in one piece?

I've got a lot of important data about various villain groups in that lab. I'd hate to see what Crey could do with that info!

Part 1: Defeat all agents in lab
Laboratory (Crey)

A voice remarks, 'Red Tomax always liked this place'.

Mission Complete: You prevented the Crey forces from ransacking Janet Kellum's lab.

Janet Kellum

Thanks for rescuing my lab from those Crey goons, Red Tomax. I can understand if you're a little shaken by what you've learned. It sounds like the countess managed to get her hands on your memories, for use in her diabolical Revenant Hero Project. That means that there are Paragon Protectors out there who know everything you know. In a way, they're kind of like copies of yourself. Except that they're totally devoted to the countess.


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