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Mission Index

  1. Find evidence about Count Crey (Crey)

Find some evidence of the count's continued existence

Janet Kellum

Guess who I just got a call from! Countess Crey's in-laws! They're desperate, and they thought we might be able to help them. See, Countess Crey's been keeping her husband in a well-guarded medical facility ever since he fell into a coma years ago. She won't let anyone but her private doctors see him; as far as his relatives know, he may not even be alive anymore! They hoped you would find some evidence of the count's continued existence. Anything that would let them know he's still alive.

Those people deserve whatever comfort we can give them. Hurry back, Red Tomax.

Part 1: Find evidence about Count Crey
Laboratory (Crey)

The impressive rhythm of medical equipment seems to give this building an eerie pulse.

Objective: You found a file on Count Crey!

ClueFile on Count Crey

This file, dating back many years, contains detailed information about Count Crey's blood samples, REM patterns, and responses to stimuli. Your eyes are drawn to a note scrawled in the margin of the final page: 'As predicted, the nerve agent has been completely effective. It is unlikely that I could cure him, even if I tried'.

Mission Complete: You found some evidence about the Count's disease.

Janet Kellum

From the sound of that file, there's nothing natural about Count Crey's coma. The countess is keeping him sick, so that she can pull all the strings at Crey industries. Red Tomax, I've heard a lot of sad stories on this job, but this one really takes the cake. I hope someday we can find Count Crey and restore him to the man he once was.


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