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Mission Index

  1. Defeat all forces in office - 1:00:00 (Crey)

Protect the magazine office from Crey

Janet Kellum

Red Tomax, I need you to get over to the offices of The Paragon Consumer right away! Their editor just called in a panic. Crey security forces have broken in, and they're terrorizing everybody inside! I don't know what this is about, but I need you to protect that magazine from the cruel fist of Crey. You only have 1 hour to deal with the situation.

The Paragon Consumer writes some scathing consumer reports, but I've never seen them breathe a word against Crey. What could this be about?

Part 1: Defeat all forces in office - 1:00:00 (2 reporters left, investigate raid)
Office (Crey)

The Paragon Consumer is found on the coffee tables of many Paragon citizens.

Objective: You found some notes on countertop stain resistance.

Objective: You found some notes on trash bag resilience.

Objective: You found some notes on women's jeans shrinkage.

Objective: You found some notes on Crey products.

ClueNotes on Crey products

These notes on Crey-manufactured products date back several years. Although the majority of the ratings are positive, Crey products routinely scored low marks for consumer safety. These findings have never made it to the pages of The Paragon Consumer.

Mission Complete: You rescued the Paragon Consumer's office from the Crey forces.

ClueSam Perry's story

After you rescued the editor of The Paragon Consumer, he told you:

'Look, Crey's been on our case for years. I guess I've always knuckled under to them, because I didn't want to spend my life's savings fighting off their lawyers. But this time they've gone too far! If I didn't report that their new stovetop has the consistency of a B horror movie, what would I look like?'

Janet Kellum

So, Crey has been pressuring Perry to print only glowing reviews of their products for years, huh? And when he finally decided to stand up for himself, the trashed his office to teach him a lesson. The good news is, we kept that magazine office intact. The bad news is, Perry may be out of a job anyway. Libel charges were just filed against him in federal court. Oh, Crey isn't the plaintiff, but I suspect they're pulling the strings. I'll do what I can to protect him, but it looks like The Paragon Consumer may soon be under new management.


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