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Mission Index

  1. Rescue the citixens - 1:30:00 (Crey)

Get the citizens away from the toxic gas

Janet Kellum

I need you to get over to the Pike's Place neighbourhood on the double! I just got word that there's a busted sewer there that's leaking toxic gas into the air. We've used a force field to keep the gas from spreading, but if the residents aren't evacuated immediately, the fumes will kill them! You've got to get those people away from the toxic gas. You only have 90 minutes to deal with the situation.

Thanks, Red Tomax. I knew I could count on you. Just hop on the Light Rail to get to Pike's Place.

Part 1: Rescue the citixens - 1:30:00 (20 diseased citizens to save)
Instanced Outdoor [Kings Row] @ Pike's Place (Crey)

The minute you step into the neighborhood, you suspect that something is wrong. A loud burst of gunfire confirms it.

Mission Complete: You rescued the citizens from Crey security.

ClueThe citizen's story

One of the diseased citizens you rescued told you:

'I guess it all started when I went to the doctor last week. I'd been coughing a lot feeling tired and groggy. Anyway, the doc said it looked like I'd come into contact with some sort of pollutant. He asked me to have my neighbours come in, and sure enough, lots of them were sick, too. That's when we remembered Crey. They drive sanitation trucks through here regulrly, and one of my neighbours even saw Crey workers burying some barrels near his house!'

'We tried to contact Crey, to find out what happened to us. Within an hour, they were on the streets rounding up people, threatening to shoot anyone who didn't comply!'

Janet Kellum

Red Tomax, I think you may have just stopped a mass murder. It sounds to me like Crey tried to wipe out that entire neighbourhood and make it look like an accident, juts so they could hide the fact that they polluted the area. Normally, this would be a public relations nightmare fro Crey, but, as usual, the countess managed to spin it her way. Her story is that Crey security located a leaky sewer pipe and were rounding up civilians for their own safety.


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