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Mission Index

  1. Defeat all villains in lab (Rikti,Crey)

Find out what's going on at the Crey facility

Janet Kellum

I just got a call about some bad mojo in a Crey facility. According to eyewitnesses, the entire facility has been in an uproar all day. Gunshots have been fired, and scientists have been pouring out of the building by the dozen! I need you to find out what's going on at that Crey facility. Maybe you can put an end to the chaos.

If I had to guess, I'd say that one of Crey's scientists lost control of one of its wierd science projects.

Part 1: Defeat all villains in lab (10 portals to destroy)
Laboratory @ Talos Island (Rikti,Crey)

A panicked Crey security guard screams 'Shut them down! Shut them all down!'

Mission Complete: You stopped the violence and shut down the Crey portals.

Janet Kellum

It sounds to me as if Crey was mucking about with Rikti technology again, and they got themselves in over their heads. once Crey set up those portals, the Rikti were able to access them from their own bases. I hesitate to think what the Rikti would have done with the contents of that Crey lab at their disposal. Their limited resources are the only thing keeping the alien invaders in check.


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