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Mission Index

  1. Rescue Ralph Jamison from Crey - 1:15:00 (Crey)

Rescue Ralph Jamison from Crey security

Janet Kellum

For the weeks I've been in close contact with Ralph Jamison, a member of Crey's board of directors. He's had a crisis of confidence, and he's been feeding me tips on Crey's recent illegal activities. Well, I think the countess caught onto his plan. My last call from Ralph was cut off in mid-sentence. Will you rescue Ralph Jamison from Crey security? He could be invaluable to our fight against Countess Crey. You only have 75 minutes to rescue Ralph Jamison.

Ralph's a decent guy who got caught up in Crey's filthy machinations. He's really anxious for the chance to redeem himself.

Part 1: Rescue Ralph Jamison from Crey - 1:15:00 (Take Ralph to his files)
Office @ Steel Canyon (Crey)

A painted portrait of Countess Crey smiles down on you.

Mission Complete: You rescued Ralph Jamison from Crey security.

ClueRalph Jamison's story

When you rescued Ralph Jamison from Crey security, he told you:

'It took me a long time to admit the truth about Crey to myself. But after what I learned about Wound Wise, there's no denying it. Here's the proof, Red Tomax. I hope you can get it into the public eye.'

ClueReport on Wound Wise

Printed on Crey stationary, this report details the harmful side effects of the popular Crey drug Wound Wise. Used in hospitals worldwide, Wound Wise is actually developed from the mutagen used to turn the Lost into the Rikti. Repeated use of Wound Wise is responsible for long-term cellular degeneration, and studies indicate that it may even cause skin cancer.

Janet Kellum

I knew Crey was shifty, but I had no idea thay'd knowingly produce a drug with such serious side effects! Why, half of the heroes I work with use Wound Wise to quickly deal with injuries during battle! This info is going to the FDA right away, and to Professor St. John-Smythe's lab. Maybe he can cook up some sort of counter-agent to lessen the effects.


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