TrialTerra Volta: Rikti


Mission Index

  1. Find a Rikti transmitter (Rikti)
  2. Defeat all Rikti in lab
  3. Place the transmission interceptors
  4. Defeat all Rikti in base
  5. Save Terra Volta reactor

You have succeeded in preventing the destruction of the Terra Volta reactor... but at what price?
More Info: City Information Terminal
Awarded the Freedom Cross
Repeated exposure of the energies of the Terra Volta reactor have once again affected you.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Agree to form a task force

Major Richard Flagg

I'm sure heroes such as yourselves understand theimportance of containing the Rikti threat. If you're willing to help me toward that end, it could mean a lot to the city. It appears that the Rikti have developed a new communications code, and it's a doozy. I can only conclude that they're working on a new plot, something they want to protect with the utmost secrecy.

The code is transmitted via the airwaves, then decoded by small transmitters that the Rikti carry. If you can retrieve one of those transmitters and get it to the techs over on Peregrine Island, we'll be in business.

Part 1: Find a Rikti transmitter (Defeat 25 Rikti)
Defeat x @ Any (Rikti Crash Site) (Rikti)

Mission Complete: On one of the Rikti you defeated, you found a transmitter.

Part 2: Defeat all Rikti in lab (Rescue the scientist)
Laboratory @ Peregrine Island

The lab is strangely quiet today.

Mission Complete: You saved the doctor from the Rikti.

Major Richard Flagg

So, the Rikti are onto us, huh? Well, it's a good thingyou were ther to rescue the good doctor. She's an expert on Rikti tech; if anyone can get that transmitter to cough up the goodies, it's her.

My friends, you are truly the best of the best. I'm confident you'll get to the bottom of this Rikti plot.

Place interceptors

Major Richard Flagg

Well, the good Dr. Dower got the job done all right. She's developed these interceptors that should let us listen in on the Rikti plans. We just need someone to run around the crash siteand place them in certain strategic locations. I hope I can depend upon you for that.

Excellent. The locations will be marked for you. Place one interceptor at each location. We'll have to hide them in ordinary objects to make sure that the Riti don't discover them.

ClueCommunication interceptors

These small interceptors are based on the technology from the Rikti transmitter you recovered. They should help Major Flagg listen in on the Rikti's communications.

Part 3: Place the transmission interceptors (Visit 3 locations)
Patrol @ Rikti Crash Site

Mission Complete: You receive an urgent message from Major Flagg.

ClueNew directive

As you place the last transmitter, Major Flag contacted you with an urgent message:

Intel has spotted a large concentration of Rikti near your current location. Please check it out.

Part 4: Defeat all Rikti in base (Seek clues)
Abandoned office @ Rikti Crash Site

Abandoned since the war, this office has occupants once more.

Objective: This large pile of explosives could level a city block.

ClueRikti explosives

You confiscated this large pile of explosives from a Rikti base.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Rikti and found some explosives.

Major Richard Flagg

We've picked up some disturbing intel frm those interceptors you placed. It seems the Rikti are interested in the Terra Volta reactor. We've had some close shaves in the past trying to keep that reactor safe, and it looks like the Rikti are going to give us a run for our money again. These explosives you found are what really worries me. If the Rikti manage to blow up the reactor core, there'll be fallout for miles! All of Paragon City will hve to be evacuated!

Save the Terra Volta reactor

Major Richard Flagg

If the Rikti manage to blow up that reactor, Paragon City is gone. FInished. We'll have to evacuate, and even a quick response won't stop some citizens from falling prey to radiation poisoning. That means this one is for all the marbles, Eagle. You've got to save the Terra Volta reactor from the Rikti!

I'll begin coordinating an evacuation plan. If you can't stop the Rikti, we'll need one

Part 5: Save Terra Volta reactor (Rescue guard, Save scientists, Save scientists & get key, get to reactor, protect reactor)
Terra Volta reactor @ Terra Volta

A scream echoes through the halls. It sounds like the Rikti are already here.

Objective: The guard hands you a key card for the door.

ClueReactor key card

This key card allows access to the Terra Volta reactor control room.

Objective: The scientist hads you a key card for the door.

ClueReactor core key card

This key card allows access to the Terra Volta reactor core room.

Mission Complete: You saved the Terra Volta reactor!

Awarded for completing the final mission of the Task Force.
Awarded the Freedom Cross
Awarded for earning your third Character Respec
Major Richard Flagg

Well, well, Eagle. Congratulations! You pulled off the bigget save Paragon City has seen since the days of the Rikti Invasion! All of Paragon City owes you a debt of gratitude today, my friends. Let me be the first to say thank you.

If I were you, I'd get over to Freedom Corps headquarters in Galaxy City. There's a man there named James Wolfe who specializes in understading the effects of radiation. After a day like this one, it wouldn't hurt to have him check you out.

Eagle, you may well be the saviors of Paragon City.

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