OtherThe Revenant Hero Project: The Shining Light


Mission Index

  1. Stop the Protectors' leader & her men (Crey)

Rescue Warren Lyte from Crey

Janet Kellum

Red Tomax, have you ever worked with a hero called the Shining Light? She's a powerful blaster who I give tips to from time to time. Well, her husband's gone missing! Naturally, Shiny's worried sick. I don't want to scare her, but an eyewitness saw her husband being dragged into a Crey facility! Will you rescue Warren Lyte from Crey? I'm sure Shiny'd do the same for your family.

The Shining Light has been keeping her eye on Crey corruption lately. Maybe they kidnapped her husband as retaliation.

Part 1: Stop the Protectors' leader & her men (Rescue Warren Lyte)
Laboratory @ Founders' Falls (Crey)

Fragments of a glass beaker lie on the ground. Perhaps Warren Lyte put up a struggle.

Mission Complete: You rescued Warren Lyte from Crey.

ClueWarren Lyte's story

When you rescued Warren Lyte, he told you:

'I noticed something was wrong with Shiny a couple of weeks ago. She just didn't seem herself. I started questioning her, trying to figure out what was wrong. That was my mistake.'

'It's hard for me to believe, but she's just not my Shiny anymore. Crey's changed her in some way! She's the one who had me kidnapped. I think they would have killed me if you hadn't shown up!'

Janet Kellum

Well, Warren will be in protective custody for a while. He's pretty shaken up, and I don't blame him. It sounds as though Crey got their hands on the Shining Light's DNA and used it to construct an imposter. if Shiy's husband wasn't so observant, it might have worked, too. I don't know whether the real Shining Light is dead, or trapped in a Crey facility somewhere. I hope someday we can learn the truth, for her husband's sake.


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