Minor Story ArcThe Eternal Battle


Mission Index

  1. Combat Tuatha in Misty Wood (Tuatha de Dannan,Fir Bolg,Red Caps)
  2. Rescue Waylon McCrane
  3. Free Tuatha from spells
  4. Repel Fir Bolg from Misty Wood
  5. Investigate Red Caps in Wood
  6. Stop the eternal battle

Defeat Tuatha in Misty Wood

Kelly Nemmers

Don't be afriad, Red Tomax. I know most of the ghosts you've met aren't exactly great company. Well, I'm different. I've had magic powers since the day I was born. Those powers used to keep me in touch with the spirit world; now that I'm a spirit myself, they keep me in touch with reality. It's allowed me to retain my sanity and my personality, despite my violent death. But there are many others who haven't been so lucky. I'd like to help my fellow ghosts make peace with their deaths, Red Tomax, and I suspect I'll find out how by studying the Tuatha. Could you go out into the wood and defeat a few of their number? I hope we can learn something of note.

Thank you for your kindness, Red Tomax.

Part 1: Combat Tuatha in Misty Wood (Defeat 10 Tuatha de Dannan)
Defeat X @ Croatoa (Tuatha de Dannan,Fir Bolg,Red Caps)

Mission Complete: One of the Tuatha you defeated gasped: 'Are you working for the Red Caps? They seem bent on makign us miserable, ever since they brought us here to fight the Fir Bolg!'

ClueThe Tuatha's story

One of the Tuatha you defeated gasped:

'Are you working for the Red Caps? They seem bent on making us miserable, ever since they brought us here to fight the Fir Bolg so many months ago! They feared the Fir Bolg had become too strong, since they were allowed to bleed into the real world last October. They brought us here to keep the Fir Bolg down, but we too have become their prisoners!'

Kelly Nemmers

I'm not sure if this gets us any closer to freeing the ghosts, but at least we are beginning to piece together the great puzzle that is Croatoa. I never realized that the Tuatha were recent additions to the spirit world. I do know that last Halloween, the Banished Pantheon performed a great ritual that allowed the Fir Bolg to walk the real world for a brief time. I suppose that's what made the Red Caps enlist the Tuatha. They wanted to make certain that the Fir Bolg that had imprisoned remained under their control,and so they resurrected a terrible war!

Save Waylon McCrane from the Tuatha

Kelly Nemmers

If we move quickly, you may be able to prevent another person from becoming a ghost! Mayor Bower hired an adventurer named Waylon McCrane, who claimed he could rid the area of the Tuatha de Dannan. The problem is, he got himself captured by them! Can you save Waylon McCrane from the Tuatha?

Waylon claims to be the fastest man on Earth with an arrow. i don't know if that's true or not, but he may be able to help you once you find him.

Part 2: Rescue Waylon McCrane (Take Waylon to exit)
Tunnels @ Croatoa

The Tuatha love these dank caverns.

Mission Complete: You saved Waylon McCrane!

Kelly Nemmers

Thanks, Red Tomax. I know Waylon's very happy to be back among the free. I don't think he'll be back to Croatoa any time soon.

Investigate the mysterious occurance

Kelly Nemmers

I'm sensing a lot of mystical energy from an area nearby. I think something terrible is happening in the spirit realm, and I need you to investigate! I'm not sure what's going on, but I think it's very important that you stop it!

The spirit world is a strange place, Red Tomax. Often wonderful, often terrible beyond belief.

Part 3: Free Tuatha from spells (4 creatures to save.)
Instanced Outdoor [Croatoa] @ Croatoa

A howl of agony rises into the sky.

Mission Complete: You freed the Tuatha from the Cabal's spells.

ClueThe Tuatha's story

One of the Tuatha you rescued from the Cabal told you:

'They were testing some sort of spell on us. I don't know what it's for, but I thank you for your intervention. Thanks to your help I feel... less angry, somehow. Perhaps I can let my struggle against the Fir Bolg cease.'

Kelly Nemmers

Hmm. The Cabal seems to be working its spells on all manner of beasts. What are those sorceresses after? What could they want?

It sounds as though your intervention freed the Tuatha not just from their captors, but from their anger as well. Perhaps there's hope yet for Slaamanca, if creatures like the Tuatha can be moved to make peace.

Repel the Fir Bolg from the Misty Wood

Kelly Nemmers

I'd like you to repel the Fir Bolg from the Misty Wood, Red Tomax. If we can decrease the violence in Croatoa, maybe we can give its denizens the chance to find peace.

The Fir Bolg and the Tuatha can't seem to resist battle whenever they lay eyes on each other. If we can keep them apart, it'll be better for everyone.

Part 4: Repel Fir Bolg from Misty Wood (Defeat 10 Fir Bolg)
Defeat X @ Croatoa

Mission Complete: You have decreased the number of Fir Bolg in the Misty Wood.

Kelly Nemmers

Thanks, Red Tomax. Now that you've created some breathing room between them, maybe the Fir Bolg and the Tuatha de Dannan can take some time to consider making peace. At a minimum, there'll be less violence around here for a while.

Find out what the red caps are up to

Kelly Nemmers

Have you seen those strange, small creatures roaming around the Misty Wood? The Red Caps? They're a terrible lot. Every time one of them gets near me, I find myself shaking in my protoplasm. I'd like you to find out what they're up to around here. We already know that they trapped the Fir Bolg in Croatoa, and snared the Tuatha as well when they began to fear that the Fir Bolg would grow too strong to control. What other evil lurks in their hearts? I'd like you to tell me.

The blot those creatures leave on the spirit world is palpable, Red Tomax. They may look small and harmless. But they are evil, pure and simple.

Part 5: Investigate Red Caps in Wood (Defeat 10 Red Caps)
Defeat X @ Croatoa

Mission Complete: One of the Red Caps you defeated grinned and said, 'Kelly be ours eventually!'

ClueThe Red Cap's tale

One of the Red Caps you defeated grinned and said, 'Kelly be ours eventually. All the ghosts be ours! Hatred between enemies burns and burns, warms us, pleases us, keeps Croatoa locked in combat forever! Eventually, all Salamanca joins in the pain!'

Kelly Nemmers

So. It is the hatred of these warring creatures that keeps me bound to Croatoa. Only by bringing peace to the Fir Bolg and the Tuatha can I, and my fellow ghosts, leave Croatoa and go at last to our resting places. I should have guessed. Croatoa is a world built on pain and enmity, nurtured by the Red Cap's lust for misery. To break free of it, we must unravel the fabric of hate.

Stop the eternal battle

Kelly Nemmers

I've learned of a battle taking place in the spirit world. And it's not just any battle. Red Tomax, this fight has been going on for months! Ever since the Red Caps drew the Tuatha into Croatoa. The warriors are locked in combat, and they can't break freee. Not until someone destroys the spell holding them in place. Can you stop this eternal battle? I think it may be the first step in freeing myself and the other ghosts from the bonds of Croatoa.

The spell can be broken if you destroy the three Red Cap henges that hold the Fir Bolg and Tuatha to that place. Be careful, Red Tomax. The creatures may hate one another most of all, but they won't exactly be thrilled to see you.

Part 6: Stop the eternal battle (3 henges to destroy)
Instanced Outdoor [Croatoa] @ Croatoa

Howls of rage echo in the air.

Objective: You have destroyed the henge, weakening the power that keeps these creatures locked in combat.

Mission Complete: You stopped the eternal battle!

Kelly Nemmers

Thank you, Red Tomax. Based on what the Red Caps told you, I believe that if heroes continue to stop the battles between the Tuatha and the Fir Bolg, we ghosts will eventually be freed. It makes sense, but it's more than that: I feel it in my heart. I feel freer, lighter, more at peace.

I don't know how to thank you, Red Tomax You are the truest friend I ever had, in this life or my old one.


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