Minor Story ArcThe Divining Rod


Mission Index

  1. Combat Fir Bolg in Salamanca (Fir Bolg)
  2. Defeat all Tuatha in sewers (Tuatha de Dannan)
  3. Combat Tuatha in Salamanca (Tuatha de Dannan)
  4. Rescue trapped citizens (Tuatha de Dannan,Fir Bolg)
  5. Lay all ghosts to rest (Ghosts of Salamanca)
  6. Free ghosts from spells (The Cabal)
  7. Talk to Skipper LeGrange
  8. Get info from all ghosts (Ghosts of Salamanca)
  9. Take rod to Skipper

Push back the Fir Bolg

Gordon Bower

I'm glad you've come. Salamanca seems to be under a deadly curse, and my people are suffering. It all began in October, when those horrible Banished Pantheon creatures started their spells in Paragon City. They released something from the mists around here: something unnatural. Ever since then, we've been fighting to stay alive in the middle of a war zone! As far as I'm concerned, it's my responsibility as mayor to deal with it. Do you think you can push back those strange Fir Bolg creatures? If you can help me keep my village safe, I'll owe my life to you.

All this misery you see around you: it happened overnight! When I became mayor here, I never imagined my peaceful village would turn into a nightmare!

Part 1: Combat Fir Bolg in Salamanca (Defeat 10 Fir Bolg)
Defeat X @ Croatoa (Fir Bolg)

Mission Complete: You helped to expel the Fir Bolg from Salamanca.

Gordon Bower

Thank you, my friend. My family's been living in Salamanca for generations. My dad, in particular, did a lot to build it up. I don't intend to see his life's work become a nightmare, Red Tomax. If you can help me save my village, you'll have a friend forever.

Remove the Tuatha de Dannan from the village sewer system

Gordon Bower

The Fir Bolg aren't the only new threat around here, Red Tomax. There's also the Tuatha de Dannan. They're the most hideous creatures I've ever seen. They seem to like the water; we have a hard time keeping them out of the village fountain, and we've all but given up trying to root them out of the sewers. that's where I hope you can help us. Can you remove the Tuatha de Dannan from the village sewer system?

Be careful down there. I guarantee you, you've rarely seen something as gruesome as the Tuatha.

Part 2: Defeat all Tuatha in sewers
Sewers/Tunnels @ Croatoa (Tuatha de Dannan)

The air down here is hot and muggy, as if stirred by the breath of great beasts.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Tuatha de Dannan!

Gordon Bower

Thank you, Red Tomax. I don't mind telling you, until you showed up I wasn't sure I had a prayer of saving Salamanca. Now, I know there's at least a chance.

Expel the Tuatha from the village

Gordon Bower

I've heard several eyewitness reports of Tuatha de Dannan roaming around Salamanca. My people aren't safe, and I can't fix this on my own. Will you expel the Tuatha from the village, Red Tomax?

According to the reports, the Tuatha are usually found near the lake, and on the western side of town.

Part 3: Combat Tuatha in Salamanca (Defeat 10 Tuatha de Dannan)
Defeat X @ Croatoa (Tuatha de Dannan)

Mission Complete: You decreaed the number of Tuatha de Dannan in the village.

Gordon Bower

I'm beginning to believe you may save Salamanca from the foul creatures that menace us. It means a lot to me, Red Tomax. More than you may realize.

Get the citizens out of the line of fire

Gordon Bower

The Tuatha de Dannan and the Fir Bolg seem to be locked in some kind of eternal battle. I don't know what caused it or what keeps it going, but I know that my people have nothing to do with it! of course, try explaining that to a 12-foot walking pumpkin. We've had a lot of people aught in the crossfire these last few months, and more deaths than I care to remember.

I've just recieved word that some of the Fir Bolg managed to get into a local warehouse, and the Tuatha cornered them there. The worst part is, there are still people inside. I need you to get in there and get those citizens out of the line of fire.

You can take on the Fir Bolg and the Tuatha if you want to, but I'm more concerned with the lives of my citizens. Please make them your first priority.

Part 4: Rescue trapped citizens (5 people to save)
Office @ Croatoa (Tuatha de Dannan,Fir Bolg)

A broken jack-o-lantern lies on the ground, no doubt a casualty of the Tuatha's battle with the Fir Bolg.

Mission Complete: You rescued the trapped citizens!

Gordon Bower

Thank you for saving those people from the bloodshed going on inside that office. We here in Salamanca are on the frontlines of a mystical war. I just hope we can survive it.

Lay the ghosts to rest

Gordon Bower

I know you've seen the ghosts that roam Salamanca these days. Until recently, they were the very people I am tryign to save! The war between the Tuatha de Dannan and the Fir Bolg often spills into our city streets, and sometimes my citizens pay the price, The ghosts are the result.

I've been told that some of these pitiful spirits have found their way into an office here in Salamanca. Can you go lay those poor creatures to rest?

Those ghosts used to be my friends and neighobours, Red Tomax. I only hope that by removing them from this world, you can bring them some peace.

Part 5: Lay all ghosts to rest
Office @ Croatoa (Ghosts of Salamanca)

A long, miserable howl floats in the air.

Mission Complete: You laid the ghosts to rest.

Gordon Bower

Thank you for taking care of that grim business, Red Tomax. i'm glad to see that Salamanca's sorrows may not linger forever.

Investigate the warehouse

Gordon Bower

I've got more ghostly trouble, Red Tomax. Several citizens have reported hearing an unearthly wailing coming from a nearby warehouse. But the strange thing is, I also have a report of a strangely dressed woman entering the building. I don't know who this woman is, or what she wants, but according to the witness, she wasn't a Salamancan. Can you investigate the warehouse for me? I need to know what's happened to them.

Whatever's going on there, I'd guess it probably spells more trouble for Salamanca.

Part 6: Free ghosts from spells (5 ghosts remaining)
Warehouse @ Croatoa (The Cabal)

The scream of a ghost in agony sets your teeth on edge.

Mission Complete: You freed the ghosts from the sorceresses' spells.

ClueThe ghost's story

One of the ghosts you freed from the Cabal's spells told you:

'We were part of some sort of magical experiment. I'm not sure what they were trying to do, but I think they would have obliterated us if you hadn't shown up. Now, thanks to your kind intervention, I feel I am able to go to my resting place in peace. You've quelled the rage in my heart.'

Gordon Bower

So, the Sorceresses were experimenting on those ghosts? I wonder what they wre trying to learn. The Cabal hasn't bothered Salamanca -- at least not much. Sometimes they'll find a lone man to harass on the streets at night. Come to think of it, I've never seen a male member of the Cabal! I wonder what happened to them?

See if Skipper can help

Gordon Bower

I've learned of another ghost infestation, and this one's got to be the worst. People have reported feelings of uneasyness and misery just wallking past it; one young woman even fainted when she looked in the window! There's some sort of dark presence in that building, something we haven't seen before. Fortunately, I know someone who may be able to help us figure it out.

There's this kid in the woods, Skipper LeGrange. Calls himself a ghost hunter. To tell you the truth, when he first showed up around these parts, I thought he was nothing but a huckster, here to snap some pictures and capitalize of Salamanca's misery. But lately I've begun to think he knows his stuff. Will you go see if Skipper cna help us deal with this new menace?

Skipper's a wierd kid, but sincere. Take anything he tells you seriously.

Part 7: Talk to Skipper LeGrange
Delivery @ Croatoa
Skipper LeGrange

Hey, hey, Red Tomax! I've heard a lot about you in these parts. I make it my business to keep myself informed. I think I can tell you a lot about this mystical disturbance, but first, there's work to do. This little doohickey's called a divining rod. It absorbs the essence of ghosts, and when it does so, believe it or not, it learns. It'll help us figure out if anything strange is going on with the ghosts. Anything stranger than normal that is. Just don't ask where i got it. And if you happen to see Azuria... don't mention that I have it, ok?

Part 8: Get info from all ghosts
Office @ Croatoa (Ghosts of Salamanca)

An unnatural chill grips your bones.

Mission Complete: You have gathered enough information.

ClueGhost data

Using the Divining Rod, you gathered this data for Skipper LeGrange.

Part 9: Take rod to Skipper
Delivery @ Croatoa
Skipper LeGrange

All right, let's take a look see at the ol' divining rod. Interesting. Yup. Oh, yeah. Just as I predicted. Hold on to your hat, Red Tomax; you're about to hear something strange.

These ghosts you keep meeting? Well, unlike most ghosts, they're not still stuck in the mortal world. Nuh-uh. They're part of the spiriti world, you see. The only reason we can still see them is that Salamanca is slowly becoming part of the spirit world itself. Everything you see around you: the woods, the lake, the trees: they're real. But they soon won't be. Not if we can't stop whatever is pulling Salamanca into the spirit world.

Gordon Bower

So, Salamanca is being pulled into the spirit world? That's what Skipper says? I wish I could dismiss it as the ramblings of a kid who's seen too many episodes of the X-Files, but this Skipper... well, I've learned to trust him. It sounds like we really need someone to venture out into the woods and find out how to combat the force that's drawing us into the spirit world. I hope that someone can be you, Red Tomax. You've done so much good for Salamanca, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if you became our saviour.

Skipper tells me he's got more work for you, if you're willing. He's a little wierd sometimes, but I have to admit, he knows his stuff.


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