OtherStop the Council from stealing Rikti Technology


Mission Index

  1. Stop the raid leaders & their crews - 1:30:00 (Council)

Stop the Council from stealing Rikti Technology

Laurie Pennington

Exarch labs just reported a break-in by Council agents. Their vaults contain several Rikti weapons and other pieces od alien technology left over from he Rikti War, none of which can be allowed to fall into enemy hands. It gets even better, though, because the Sky raiders know about the theft, and might make a play for the same prize in the confusion. It's going to take heroic action to stop the theft of the Rikti technology. Once this is started you'll have to hurry. You only have 90 minutes to stop the break-in.

That Rikti stuff is probably the most dangerous technology on the planet. Hurry, Red Tomax!

Part 1: Stop the raid leaders & their crews - 1:30:00 (10 people to rescue, fine the devices, 2 files left)
Laboratory @ Independence Port (Council)

Objective: You found a piece of Rikti technology.

ClueManifold Resonator

This piece of Rikti Technology was used in Rikti portals to maintain field stability through the travel process. It has been modified to allow a single person to teleport a short distance a limited number of times, but has a slight side effect on use.

Objective: You found some research data.

ClueFiles A7-990 to LV-426

These files constitute sections of a report meant for congress on the world's curent understanding of Rikti technology. Though much of it is encrypted, you note certain frequently mentioned elements, such as the Rikti's mastery of force fields. You also see that the report mentions that the Rikti apparently have no practical knowledge of nuclear power.

Objective: You found an autopsy report.

ClueFile 77-276

This file details the autopsy of a Rikti soldier. Much of the file has been encrypted by powerful ciphers, including nearly all of the anatomical photographs.

Objective: You found a modified Rikti weapon.

ClueResonance Disruptor

This piece of modified Rikti Technology came from a piece of a Rikti portal and can make the user out-of-phase with reality for a short time, at great cost to the user's health.

Mission Complete: You prevented the Council from stealing the Rikti technology.

ClueScience Team Story

Upon his rescue, Dr. Boyd told you: 'The Council was interested in two specific pieces of Rikti Technology that we call the Manifold Resonator and Resonance Disruptor. Their full functions aren't known, but research on them could revolutionize several key area of physics. They're also looking for reports we were preparing on a recent autopsy of a Rikti soldier and an overview of Rikti technology that we prepared for congress.

Laurie Pennington

Excellent job, Red Tomax. You secured the Resonator and Disruptor and made sure that neither the Council nor the Sky Raiders got their hands on any vital research. The Exarch Security teams will take it from here on the clean-up.

The Sky Raiders have a grudge against the group the Council recently took over; when political zealots clash, things can get prety ugly. I guess things haven't changed just beacuse that group's under new management.


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