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  1. Try Genetic Restabilizer on Lost (The Lost)

Test the Genetic Restabilizer on the Lost

Georgia Fields

SERAPH came up with some gizmo they want you to test on the Lost. It's called a Genetic Restabilizer, and it should affect the Lost's destabilized gene structure. What do you say, Red Tomax? Ready to take on the Lost in the name of science?

I'll never give up hope that we may someday be able to help the Lost.

Here's the Genetic Restabilizer. Be careful out there.

Part 1: Try Genetic Restabilizer on Lost (Defeat 20 Lost)
Defeat X (The Lost)

Mission Complete: You have enough data on the Genetic Restabilizer.

Georgia Fields

Thanks for this data, Red Tomax. Maybe now SERAPH will be able to figure out what has happened to make the Lost change so drastically.


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