Task ForceExplorers and Exploiters


Mission Index

  1. ? (Nemesis,Crey,Soldiers of Rularuu)
  2. ?
  3. Examine creatures at Bravo
  4. Defeat Rularuu at X-Ray
  5. ?
  6. Defeat Rularuu, Crey
  7. Defeat Crey Leader & guards
  8. Fight Crey around Zulu
  9. Defeat Cey base leaders
  10. Defeat all Crey at base
  11. Defeat all Crey at base
  12. Defeat all Crey at base
  13. Defeat Crey base leaders
  14. Defeat Crey base leaders
  15. Defeat all enemies in base
  16. Defeat negotiators
  17. Defeat all Nemesis Army in base
  18. Defeat Nemesis base leaders
  19. Defeat portal base boss
  20. Defeat all Crey
  21. Defeat portal base boss
  22. Defeat portal base boss
  23. Defeat portal base boss
  24. Defeat all escaped Rularuu

Portal Smasher
You cut off the illegal portals the Nemesis army and Crey had built to access the Shadow Shard, and prevented the Rularuu from escaping into our world.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Agree to form a task force

Dr. Quaterfield

I'm Dr Quaterfield. I'm in charge of all the research being done here at Firebase Zulu, and throughout what we've dubbed the 'Shadow Shard'. Right now, I've got a major problem that's going to need people with your kind of talents to solve.

The science team who sent the distress call was out around Point Foxtrot. General Hammond sent a rescue team after hem, but they couldn't get through the local creatures to extract the scientists. That's where your Taks Force Seaborg comes in. The first phase is for your Task force to lower the number of Rularuu creatures on and around Point Foxtrot. Once their numbers are down, you'l be able to move in and get those people out of there.

General Hammond asked that I assign your task force a code-name. I think Taks Force Seaborg sounds about right.

Part 1: ?
Defeat X @ Firebase Zulu (Nemesis,Crey,Soldiers of Rularuu)
Part 2: ?
@ Firebase Zulu
Dr. Quaterfield

We were able to get almost everyone back alive thanks to your efforts. Good work, Task Force Seaborg.

Dr. Fibes' comment about seeing another group of researchers is very troubling. There have been a few unconfirmed reports before, but all we've ever seen are the native people anf the monsters who live here. And te natives know better than to dissect a natterling. I may need to expand the role of your Task Force

Defeat Shard Creatures to see if they have any scaveneged equipment

Dr. Quaterfield

There have been reports from patrols around Point Bravo that some of the local creatures have been seen with bits of new technology. Thye may have scavenged them from these mysterious research teams like the one Dr. Fibes and his people claimed to have seen. I need Task Force Seaborg to examine the Shard creatures around Point Bravo to see if they've encountered these unknown visitors.

The Shard creatures aren't going to let you get close to them without a fight. Good luck.

Part 3: Examine creatures at Bravo (Defeat 50 Soldiers of Rularuu)
Defeat X @ Firebase Zulu
Dr. Quaterfield

This is defintely Crey equipment. It doesn't prove anything, lots of people still use Crey tools and instruments. However, it does seem to point towards something. It may be unscientific, but I have a hunch we'll have the proof we need soon enough.

Rescue field team at point X-Ray

Dr. Quaterfield

We may have to wait a while before continuing the Crey investigation. Another sicence team went missing, this time out at point X-Ray. They may be in worse trouble, though. The last transmission we got from them sounded like it was in the middle of a war zone.

Okay, Task Force Seaborg, this operation will follow the same plan as the last resuce. First, you'll need to enagage the Rularuu around Point X-Ray to clear the area, then you'll go to the research team's last known location and extract them. I know you can handle it.

Part 4: Defeat Rularuu at X-Ray (Defeat 50 Soldiers of Rularuu)
Defeat X @ Firebase Zulu
Part 5: ?
@ Firebase Zulu
Dr. Quaterfield

Thank you again, Task Force Seaborg. If it weren't for you, we'd only have bodies to send back to Paragon, not living people. The stories we're getting now are starting to come together. Once the autopsies on those soldiers are done, we may have a better idea of what's going on.

Gather evidence of Crey presence in the Shadow Shard

Dr. Quaterfield

We got the autopsies back on the soldiers you found. They were killed by Crey weaponry. Now, I'm sure you've had run-ins with Crey in the past, but this time it may not actually be their fault.

First of all, Crey has no way to access te Shadow Shard without going through the portal at Firebase Zulu. Secondly, there are some creatures out there who can mimic all kinds of things, and we know that the Rularuu are intelligent. They might have learned to use or mimic Crey technology, which could be an even greater threat. So, the next step is trying to prove if this was actually Crey.

Your goal is to look for any signs of Crey activity in the area around Firebase Zulu. Scour the area, look everywhere in this zone. If you can find proof positive that Crey is here, then we can start to figure out how they got here. You'll also need to tangle with the Rularuu to either prove or disprove that they might have acquied or learned to mimic Crey technology themselves.

Part 6: Defeat Rularuu, Crey (Defeat 25 Soldiers of Rularuu and 25 Crey)
Defeat X @ Firebase Zulu
Dr. Quaterfield

From what you tell me things are getting really wierd out there. I'll take the evidence you gathered and present it to Hammond. I'm sure he'll listen to this.

Rescue scientists and prove Crey presence

Dr. Quaterfield

General Hammond is talking to the UN about the evidence you gathered about Crey's illegal presence here. In the meantime, we've had a lucky break. You remember those explorers who were still missing, the ones who may have been kidnapped? Well, one of the locals just came and told us that she'd seen people meeting their description being taken to a location on Point Tango. According to the witness, those scientists were under guard by what sounds like Crey troops. This could be a chance to ge the rest of my people back safely, and prove that Crey's up to no good out here.

I had a team of Hammond's scouts confirm the location, but it looks like it's going to be dangerous in there. You'll need to rescue all of the explorers and take out the enemy leader to prove it was Crey.

Part 7: Defeat Crey Leader & guards
@ Firebase Zulu
Dr. Quaterfield

Well, that tears it. There's no doubt any more that Crey have found their way to the Shadow Shard illegally, and are presenting a clear threat. With all of their legal troubles right now, you'd think they'd try to lie low.

I'll present this new evidence to General Hammond. We'll need to figure out how to handle this.

Battle Crey in the Shadow Shard

Dr. Quaterfield

Crey Industries is destroying all knowledge of any illegal presence in the Shadow Shard, but everyone knew that was coming. In the meantime, we need to know what they're doing here and what their objectives are. To that end, I want you to go looking for them out in the Shard.

Take on any Crey forces you find around the Firebase Zule area. You might want to concentrate your search around Point Echo, there have been a lot of reports that might be Crey troops up there.

Part 8: Fight Crey around Zulu (Defeat 50 Crey)
Defeat X @ Firebase Zulu
Dr. Quaterfield

Well, this answers some of our questions. There are a lot of big discoveries being made out here, and Crey might be looking for new patents to keep themselves atleast. It still seems like a huge risk.

More importantly, we may be able to work out where Crey's operating from with this. That could let us get the jump on them. I'll see what I can find. I think Task Force Seaborg is about to have a change in priorities.

Strike Crey forward explorers

Dr. Quaterfield

General Hamond has seen fit to put further investigation into Crey's presence under my command, since it's a science-based threat. That's a vote of confidence not just in me, but in your work and skill. Now we have to show him that trust is well placed.

Okey, Task Force Seaborg, all of your hard work is starting to pay off. With the information you've captured from Crey patrols and our own sources among the locals, we've been able to locate a series of caverns where Crey have been organizing some of their patrols around Point Echo. They don't know we know this, so a well-timed strike there could get a lot of information.

Your main objective in this one will be to take out the base's leadership. Those are the ones who'll have the information we're looking for.

There may also be other information and samples that Crey has gathered, capturing those will be highly advantageous, but not necessary for victory.

Part 9: Defeat Cey base leaders
@ Firebase Zulu
Dr. Quaterfield

Excellent work, Task Force Seaborg. With this information, we should be able to shut down Crey's bases and operations in the Shadow Shard.

Take out the first Crey base

Dr. Quaterfield

With the information you've uncovered, we've been able to locate 4 Crey bases operating in our area. We have to shut these bases down, and I think you can handle it. Are you ready?

You'll need to hit hard. Your primary objective is to shut these bases down. Whatever Crey's up to, they must be stopped. After you've taken out this base, come back and I'll have the next target ready for you.

Part 10: Defeat all Crey at base
Laboratory @ Firebase Zulu
Dr. Quaterfield

The prisoners and data you captured at that base is a great first step. We still know about at least 3 more bases, so there's still a lot for Task Force Seaborg to accomplish.

You've all really been a great help out here, Task Force Seaborg. With your continued efffort, we may yet unravel this mystery.

Strike the second Crey research base

Dr. Quaterfield

I've got the location for the next known Crey base ready for you. This one may be tougher, Crey's sure to have noticed losing both their forward outpost and that last research base. They may not know what to expect, but they're sure to be expecting something.

Just like last time, your goal is to take out everyone in that base. General Hammond's men and my scientists can scour the place for information afterwards, but you'll need to put an end to Crey's machinations first.

Part 11: Defeat all Crey at base
Laboratory @ Firebase Zulu
Dr. Quaterfield


Strike the third Crey base

Dr. Quaterfield

We've got the coordinates for the third Crey base we've discovered ready for you.

After this one, there's one more base we know about in the Shadow Shard. I'm starting to wonder how many more there are that we don't know about. And how they're all being supplied.

Your mission is once again to take it out. You'll need to defeat every Crey researcher and guard at the installation. I know you can do it.

Part 12: Defeat all Crey at base
Laboratory @ Firebase Zulu
Dr. Quaterfield

Three down and one to go. You're really showing some momentum, Task Force Seaborg. We've almost had a breakthrough on the prisoners you've brought back. A few more details and we may have something very interesting.

Strike the fourth Crey base

Dr. Quaterfield

This is the last of the Crey bases you need to strike, but this is also the largest. We're hoping that this is their main supply base. If it is, then taking it out will shut Crey down in the Shadow Shard for the forseeable future. If it isn't, then at least we'll know that there's going to be a lot more to do.

Your goals are a little different this time. First, you'll need to concentrate just on capturing the base's leadership. I'm sure you can handle that. Secondly, I also need you to search for some kind of records or manifests that will either prove or disprove that this is Crey's main base. And finally, if it is their main base, find out how they're getting to the Shadow Shard.

Part 13: Defeat Crey base leaders (Search for clues)
Laboratory @ Firebase Zulu
Dr. Quaterfield

According to the information you found, it looks like this wasn't the main base that's been resupplying Crey's forces in the Shadow Shard. And that's the end of our leads out here. However, it also looks like we have a new lead. The records you captured show that Crey's been moving the specimens and samples they've collected back to Paragon City. We still don't know how they're doing it without tripping Portal Corp's sensors, but we have enough information to investigate.

Strike a Crey base in Paragon City

Dr. Quaterfield

With Crey's operations inside the Shadow Shard crippled by your work, we now have a chance to figure out how they got into the Shard in the first place. Access to this dimension is highly restricted, and Crey haven't been issued any permits to conduct research here. If they'd used stolen Portal technology, then Portal Corp's detectors would have spotted them. This leaves some unpleasant possibilities that need to be investigated. Our first step is to take the fight back to Crey. Information you've recovered show sthat Crey's transferred samples they collected in the Shadow Shard back to Paragon City. Recovering those samples is top priority, and hopefully we'll be able to find some leads there that could tell us how they're crossing dimensions.

We've got a location where we think Crey's holding some of their illegally obtained samples. We don't think they'll be expecting you, so they won't be able to hide or destroy any of their records. Your goals are to take out the base's leadership, recover the samples Crey Industries obtained from the Shadow Shard, and look for clues that could tell us how Crey's getting to the Shadow Shard in the first place.

Part 14: Defeat Crey base leaders
@ Founders' Falls
Dr. Quaterfield

Great work in there, Task Force Seaborg. Crey has no idea of the dangers the could be stirring up out here. If the creatures they had at that base had escaped, it could have been a disaster.

The most important thing may be those emails you found. From the sound of it, it looks like Crey's gotten their hands on a new kind of portal technology, something untraceable by our normal methods. I was hoping that it might have been somehting else, like an interdimensional rift. A rift we could shut down and it would be over, but if they have a new technology it can be replaced. That mean that this isn't going to be over for a while.

Strike a second Crey base in Paragon City

Dr. Quaterfield

We now know that Crey is using a new type of portal technology that we can't trace. in order to defeat it, we have to learn more about it. To do that, I'm sending you to another Crey base in Paragon City that recently received shipments from the other base you took out.

Crey may be aware that you're coming this time, so you'll need to do a thorough sweep of the lab. look for anything that could tell us where they got this new portal technology from.

Part 15: Defeat all enemies in base
@ Brickstown
Dr. Quaterfield

If it had been a snake, it would have bit me. The Nemesis Army. Of course! With them mixed up in this, it changes everything. I've already asked a lot out of you, Task Force Seaborg, but there's going to be a lot still to do. This is porbably the halfway point, but now that the Nemesis Army is involved, we're going to need your help more than ever.

Stop meeting between Crey and Nemesis Army

Dr. Quaterfield

Your hard work has won us a lot of battles, Task Force Seaborg, but we're only just starting to see what the real threat looks like. Somehow, Crey's gotten hold of Nemesis Army plans for an untraceable portal device. We don't know if they stole that technology, bought it, or traded it for something, and it's vital that we find out the truth.

Information found in one the bases you captured has let us locate where a meeting is going to take place beteen Crey representatives and negotiators from the Nemesis Army. It's a front company in paragon City, and it's sure to be well defended.

The meeting will be taking place under the cover of a normal-looking business, but don't let that fool you. There will probably be some of Nemesis' automatons out in front to make it look normal, but your goal is to capture the negotiators and their documents.

Part 16: Defeat negotiators
@ Peregrine Island
Dr. Quaterfield

Crey Industries and the Nemesis Army working together to exploit the Shadow Shard. It's fiendish. They have to be stopped, and thanks to your hard work, it just might be possible to put an end to their illegal collusion.

Strike a Nemesis base in the Shadow Shard

Dr. Quaterfield

General Hammond ran the information you recovered through several Nemesis experts, and they think it's legitimate. I borrowed some of the mainframes we have running simulations and had them figure out the most likely positions of the Nemesis Army's bases around Firebase Zulu. General Hammond has given me the okay to send a team against one of them, as long as that team is Task Force Seaborg. I couldn't agree more.

This is a probing strike, an experimental attack to see if our calculations are right and that this isn't a Nemesis Amry trap. Your goal is to take out the personell in a small observatory base out at Point Sierra. This one shouldn't be that complex, just shut the base down and you're done.

Part 17: Defeat all Nemesis Army in base
Laboratory @ Firebase Zulu

The moment you step inside you know that your intelligence was correct. This is definitely a Nemesis base.

Dr. Quaterfield

AS a man of science, I demand proof of something before I'm willing to believe it. That doesn't always mean I like to see that proof come to light. You did fantastic work, Task Force Seaborg, and now we know that the Nemesis Army is already operating in the Shadow Shard. The next step will be rooting them out before they can do any more damage.

I have to wonder, though, what their motives could be? What could they want in the Shadow Shard? That's a variable we'll have to pin down later, though. There's more than enough to do right now.

I cannot overstate how great a healp you've been to the entire science team here at Firebase Zulu. General Hamond has also authorized me to give you a direct link to me, should you need to speak with me about anything.

Take out Nemesis Amry base at Point Alpha

Dr. Quaterfield

We've got coordinates for another Nemesis Army in the Shadow Shard. This one is on Point Alpha, within fast striking range of Firebase Zulu. That alone makes taking this base out imperative.

Your objective will be to defeat and capture the base's leadership. In addition, Hammond's scouts think this place might have caluable information, so see what you can find. There's also a possible complication. The Rularuu have been seen massing around this Nemesis Army base. They may be getting ready to make an attack of their own, so be careful.

Part 18: Defeat Nemesis base leaders (Locate information, Contain creatures)
Laboratory @ Firebase Zulu

You know that something is wrong the moment you enter the base. Signs of battle show that the Rularuu are already here!

Objective: You found a schedule for upcoming portal transits.

ClueDimensional transit schedule

Thee papers contain a complete schedule for all of the upcoming interdimensional transits planned by Crey Industries and the Nemesis Army. With this information, you could find their transit points and shut them down.

In true Nemesis Army tradition, everything has been handwritten on triplicate forms.

Mission Complete: You defeated the leaders of the Nemesis Army's base and found some crucial information.

Dr. Quaterfield

Task Force Seaborg, you were more successful than I could have hoped. Despite the attack by the Rularuu, despite a whole hidden bunker full of Nemesis Army troops, you found the piece of informaiton that could turn all of this around. General Hammond will want to see this, and then it will be time to shut down both Crey and Nemesis in the Shadow Shard.

That good news is mitigated by your report about the Rularuu trying to build another portal. I'll be examining the wreckage from that to see if it really does match up with the one your team destroyed in Paragon City. If the Rularuu had some way to communicate the design across dimensions, then who knows what other powers they might have that we don't know about?

The only worse possibility is that they didn't need to communicate the design, becuase they already knew how to build portals of their own. The implications of that are staggering.

Strike the first of Crey's transfer points

Dr. Quaterfield

With the information your force has gathered, we've been able to locate both sides of Crey's undetectable portal. The plan is to send your team in to these bases and capture them, ending the threat of Crey and Nemesis to this dimension. This will mean strikes against several seperate bases, and I doubt any of them will be easy.

We've come up with a way to shut down their portals, but you'll need to get inside a base in order to do it. There should be two computer terminals governing their portal control systems. You'll need to activate them both at the same time in order to shut down the portal. You'll also need to capture or defeat the base's leader to prevent him from re-activating the portal system.

Part 19: Defeat portal base boss (2 portal computers)
Portal Corp @ Firebase Zulu

There's a spicy tang in the air. Smells like someone brought take-out from City of Gyros across the dimensional barrier.

Objective: You have shut down Crey's portal device!

Mission Complete: Your team has shut down Crey's portal to the Shadow Shard

Dr. Quaterfield

Task Force Seaborg! You shut down the portal, but Crey's already begun a counter-attack!

Shut down portal in Firebase Zulu before Crey takes it over

Dr. Quaterfield

Here's the situation, Task Force Seaborg:

After you shut down the Shadow Shard end Crey's portal, Crey struck back in retaliation. They're trying to override one end of our portals here in Firebase Zulu! You'll need to go in and shut down one of our own portals before Crey overrides it completely and swamps us wth troops.

Things will br pretty dangerous in there. You'll need to simultaneously override two computers to prevent Crey from overriding the portal, and you'll need to defeat every Crey soldier in there to keep them from attempting a second portal override. I have every confidence in you, Task Force Seaborg, and I know General Hammond does as well. Good luck.

Part 20: Defeat all Crey (2 portal computers)
Portal Corp @ Firebase Zulu

Anxious soldiers outside have held Crey forces at this point, but not without losses. Their cheers at the sight of you are cut off as they close the bulkheads behind you in case of a counter-attack.

Objective: This is the body of a solder who was killed during Crey's attack. You take his dog tags and move on.

Objective: You have shut down the portal corpration computer!

Mission Complete: Your team has shut down the portal and stopped Crey's attempt to override the portal.

Dr. Quaterfield

You did it, Task Force Seaborg! Now it's time to hit Crey right back and take out the Paragon City end of their first portal.

Take out the other end of the Crey portal in Paragon City

Dr. Quaterfield

With one half of their portal gate shut down, now's the time to take out the other end of the portal in Paragon City.

Their set-up here should be similar to the other end of the portal. If you can shut down their computer controls simultaneously, it should knock that portal out and deny them access to the Shadow Shard permanently. You'll also need to defeat the base's commander to make sure that they won't be able to re-open it afterwards.

Part 21: Defeat portal base boss (4 portal computers)
Portal Corp @ Founders' Falls

This technical lab is humming with the blunted power used by Nemesis-designed portal Crey has built here.

Objective: You have shut down Crey's portal device!

Mission Complete: You shut down Crey's portal to the Shadow Shard, but learned about a second one!

Dr. Quaterfield


Shut down the Shadow Shard half of Crey's second portal

Dr. Quaterfield

We've been able to locate the Shadow Shard side of Crey's second set of Gates using the information we've gotten from the Crey bases you've captured. However, there may be a complication. The Rularuu seem to have also noticed it, and General Hammond's scouts have reports of them massing nearby. We don't know what the Rularuu are planning, but we've already seen that they know more about dimensional travel than we ever suspected. Both they and Crey must be stopped.

You'll need to simultaneously shut down the four main portal control computers as usual. However, if the Rularuu have broken in you'll also need to defeat any of them before they can build any sort of dimnsional transfer device. In addition, you'll also need to defeat the base's leader as usual.

Part 22: Defeat portal base boss (4 portal computers, 2 Rularuu portals)
Portal Corp @ Firebase Zulu

Your senses instantly spot signs that the Rularuu are already attacking.

Objective: You have destroyed a make-shift portal device cobbled together by the Rularuu.

Objective: You have shut down Crey's portal device.

Mission Complete: You shut down Crey's second portal and stopped the Rularuu.

Dr. Quaterfield

It's almost over, Task Force Seaborg. Now you need to take out the other half of Crey's portal. I am worried about the Rularuu, though. From what you said, som of them may alreayd have escaped into Paragon City. That could be a disaster.

Take out 2nd half of Crey's second portal in Paragon City

Dr. Quaterfield

With the Shadow Shard part of Crey's second portal down, now all that's left is to take out the other half in Paragon City. Good luck.

You'll need to simultaneously shut down the four main portal control computers as usual. However, if the Rularuu have broken in, you'll also need to defeat any of them before they can build any sort of dimensional transfer device. in addition, you'll also need to defeat the base's leader as usual.

Part 23: Defeat portal base boss (4 portal computers)
Portal Corp @ Skyway City

This base is a riot of violence! The Rularuu have escaped and are running wild inside the facility!

Objective: Many technical components have been stolen from this box of parts.

Mission Complete: You have shut down Crey's portal device!

Dr. Quaterfield

With Crey's main portal shut down, that should lower their threat to our people in the Shadow Shard. It's more than likely that they'll soon build a new portal somewhere in the world, but for now their plans have been set back a long way. What's more, with all the samples you've recovered, I'm sure Portal Corp will find a way to detect and jam that new Portal technology in time. All of you in Task Force Seaborg should take a moment and give yourselves a pat on the back for all your hard work.

However, there's one more thing left to do. A few of the Rularuu get through into Paragon City. They need to be found and contained. I'll have some people look over news reports, and see if they can find anything that might match.

Hunt down the escaped Rularuu

Dr. Quaterfield

It didn't take long for reports about the escaped Rularuu to come in. We've tracked them down, they're in a section of caverns below the city. You'll need to defeat or capture all of them and make sure that they can't complete any of those cobbled-together portal devices.

You'll need to hunt and defeat every last one of the Rularuu to put an end to this. I should also warn you, the section of caves they're in are part of what some people call 'Oranbega', the supposed lost city of the Circle of Thorns. I suppose ifyou encounter any of them, they'll no doubt be hostile as well.

Part 24: Defeat all escaped Rularuu (2 Rularuu portals)
Oranbega @ Talos Island

Crey's unleashed the Rularuu into the city. Now only your dedication stands in their way.

Objective: You have destroyed a make-shift portal device cobbled together by the Rularuu.

Mission Complete: you defeated the escaped rularuu and destroyed their last ettempt to build a portal.

Dr. Quaterfield

That's it. It's done. Great work, Task Force Seaborg. You saved the day and who knows how much more.

Souvenir: Nemesis Portal Wreckage

These pieces of technological wreckage were almost used by the Rularuu to escape the Shadow Shard. A dangerous situation. but it was only part of the action when you fought Crey. Nemesis. and the Rularuu as each side tried to become

Explorers and Exploiters.

Dr. Thomas Quaterfield asked for your help to save the lives of several researchers who were in danger. One of the scientists told you that they'd seen another group of unknown researchers in the area.

You next fought some of the Rularuu. and found that some of them had scavenged pieces of Crey equipment.

You rescued another group of explorers who told you that they'd been ambushed by unknown attackers even before the Rularuu attacked them.

You next fought the Rularuu as searched for proof that Crey was in the Shadow Shard.

You next fought Crey themselves and rescued several missing scientists from them.

Following up. you fought Crey forces out in the Shadow Shard.

You next attacked a Crey forward base. and found information that could lead to more of their bases.

You struck the first of 4 Crey bases you found. taking it out.

You struck the next Crey base. shutting it down as well.

You took the third Crey base down. leaving one left.

You finally hit the last of the Crey bases you knew of. hoping it was their. main supply base. Unfortunately. it wasn't. however you did get some clues about how Crey might have found their way to the Shadow Shard in the first place without alerting Portal Corp.

You fought Crey in a base back in Paragon City. defeating them just as their captured specimens of the Rularuu were escaping. You also found evidence that Crey had somehow acquired new and untraceable portal technology.

You fought your way into another Paragon City Crey base as it was being over-run by escaping Rularuu specimens. Disturbingly. the captured Rularuu specimens. Disturbingly. the captured Rularuu specimens were trying to build a portal of their own. You got the situation under control. and also found out where Crey had gotten their new portal technology: The Nemesis Army.

You next broke up a meeting between the Nemesis Army and Crey Industries and discovered that the two groups had been working together to exploit the Shadow Shard.

With the information you gathered. you struck what might be a Nemesis Army base in the Shadow Shard. Your suspicions were soon confirmed when you found yourself battling Nemesis Army troops.

You next battled the Nemesis Army in a base on point Alpha. near Firebase Zulu. As you entered the base you found that the Rularuu were attacking it. trying to build a portal of their own. FIghting through the chaos. you found a schedule of upcoming inter-dimensional transfers that could be the key to shutting down Crey's operations in the Shadow Shard.

You attacked one of Crey's Portal bases and shut it down.

In retaliation to shutting down one of their portal bases. Crey over-rode one of the portals inside Firebase Zulu! You wrested control back from them.

You went to Paragon City and took out the other half of Crey's portal. found out that Crey had built a second set of portals!

You attacked the Shadow Shard side of Crey's second set of portals and found it already under heavy attack by the Rularuu. You destroyed another make-shift Rularuu portal and shut down Crey's base.

As you entered Paragon City base where Crey was running its second set of portals. you found yourself in a battle between Crey and the Rularuu. You prevailed. but found that several Rularuu had escaped with enough parts to build a portal of their own.

You discovered that the escaped Rularuu had fled to Oranbega. the underground city of the Circle of Thorns. you followed them. breaking up their negotiations with the undead sorcerers and putting an end to their portal building.


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