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  1. Test EMP Glove on Clockwork (Clockwork)

Test EMP Glove on the Clockwork

Athena Currie

The boys at DATA have cooked up a new gadget they think may help us defeat the Clockwork. It's called the EMP Glove, and it sends out robots' circuitry. Can you test the EMP Glove on the Clockwork? I'd recommend starting in Kings Row or Steel Canyon.

I'll be very interested to hear how this EMP Glove performs in the field.

Here's the EMP Glove.

Part 1: Test EMP Glove on Clockwork (Defeat 10 Clockwork)
Defeat X @ Any (Clockwork)

Mission Complete: You have collected enough data on the EMP Glove.

Athena Currie

It's strange that the EMP Glove wasn't much more effective than your regular powers. I guess the DATA scientists will have to go back to the drawing board.


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