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  1. Seek clues to Lost's plans (The Lost)

Hit the streets and look for clues to the Lost's plans

Tom Bowden

I'm beginning to think that the Lost may be targetting their violent attacks on specific businesses and facilities. I'm hoping you can help me learn more. I need you to hit the streets and look for clues to the Lost's plans. If I'm right, there's much more to the Lost than meets the eye.

You can find large concentrations of Lost in Boomtown or Skyway City. You should start looking for clues there.

Since the Lost are Paragon City citizens, I'd like you to use this Plasmatic Taser. That way you won't do any permanent harm.

Part 1: Seek clues to Lost's plans (Defeat 15 Lost)
Defeat X @ Any (The Lost)

Mission Complete: On one of the Lost, you found a list of locations.

ClueList of locations

You found this list on one of the Lost you defeated. It lists several locations, including a bank, a water purification facility, and a military depot.

Tom Bowden

Red Tomax, I have never been sorrier to be proven right. It looks like the Lost really are targetting specific locations for their attacks. They also attack a lot of unimportant sites, in order to make their raids seem random. But there's no doubt about it: there's a calculating mind guiding the Lost. We need to find out what its ultimate goals are.


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