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  1. Test Wave Scrambler (Clockwork)

Test Wave Scrambler against the Clockwork

Wyatt Anderson

We've tried slowing down the Clockwork with electromagnetic pulse weapons, but they did nothing. The boys at DATA want to try again, but now they want you to use a Wave Scrambler. It scrambles incoming signals of all wavelengths, and it may help us defeat this menace. Will you test the Wave Scrambler against the Clockwork?

I'm sure the boys at DATA will be grateful. You should be able to find Clockwork in Skyway City fairly easily.

The wave scrambler has been put into these powered gloves.

Part 1: Test Wave Scrambler (Defeat 15 Clockwork)
Defeat X (Clockwork)

Mission Complete: You have collected enough data on the Wave Scrambler.

Wyatt Anderson

Wow, that Wave Scrambler worked well. Maybe we've relly found a good weapon for dealing with the Clockwork.


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