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  1. Find Suzanne Trent (Banished Pantheon)

Find Suzanne Trent

Oliver Hoak

In the wake of the Rikti War, there's been a resurgence of all kinds of mysticism. This has helped in some cases, even providing the city with new hope. But it has also caused a great deal of trouble. One new cult calls itself the Banished Pantheon. They have some sort of dark power; they can animate the dead and call spirits from beyond the grave! A reporter named Suzanne Trent was investigating them, but now she's gone missing. Please find Suzanne Trent as soon as possible.

The creatures we have seen the most frequently have been dubbed Husks; they seem to be made from the animated bodies of the dead.

Part 1: Find Suzanne Trent
Cavern @ Random (Banished Pantheon)

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Banished Pantheon minions and rescued Suzanne Trent.

Oliver Hoak

According to Suzanne Trent, the Banished Pantheon is investigating all beings of power. I must say, that phrase has an ominous ring to it. Depending on the definition, it could include heroes like yourself.


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