Accomplishment BadgeMarauder's Cell


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all villains in base (Praetorians)

Notable Foes

You wiped out a cell of Marauder's forces right here in Paragon City.
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Wipe out Marauder's Cell

Maria Jenkins

Hold onto your hat, Red Tomax. I've got a lead on a Praetorian incursion into Paragon City itself. It seems that marauder has set up a miltary base over on Peregrine Island! I don't have to tell you that there are a lot of valuable military targets on that island. Nor do I have to tell you how quickly this situation could become deadly. You've got to get to Peregrine Island and wipe out Marauder's cell.

It may be that Marauder has a stable portal back to his home world. If so, you'll need to destroy it.

Part 1: Defeat all villains in base (Destroy the portal!)
Warehouse @ Peregrine Island (Praetorians)

Scruff marks on the floor testify to lots of recent activity.

MarauderMarauder [Arch-Villain]
Bred for battle, marauder loves nothign more than fighting and destroying his enemis. Most perceive that he serves Tyrant like a vicious dog but he only follows the leader of the Praetorians for the slaughter.

Mission Complete: You have dispersed Marauder's cell.

Awarded for defeating Marauder and his henchmen.
Maria Jenkins

From what I've heard, Marauder is the most dedicated of Tyrant's lackeys. It's disturbing that he found his way into Paragon City and went so far as to set up a base. I've asked Portal Corpration to keep a tighter lock on any unauthorized portal activity. In the meantime, I hope you'll be prepared to help me defend Paragon City from any future invasions.

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