Kheldian Story ArcScary Monsters


Mission Index

  1. Learn Arakhn's plans (Freakshow,Council)
  2. Defeat all villains in base
  3. Interrogate Council agents
  4. Defeat all villains in base
  5. Get info about Arakhn's ally
  6. Learn identity of Arakhn's ally
  7. Infiltrate underground lab

Find out what's going on in Arakhn's base


I've been trying to nail down Arakhn's main bases of operation, Xamot Der, and I think my informants have finally hit on one. It's located in Brickstown, and there's been heavy traffic reported there for the past few days. But here's the strange part: that traffic isn't all Council. According to my reports, Council members have been seen escorting Freakshow and stranger things into the base. We need to know what's going on there, Xamot Der. We need to know now.

We need hard data on Arakhn's plans. I've never known her to do anything without a dark purpose in mind.

Part 1: Learn Arakhn's plans
Council base (Freakshow,Council)

You hear a sound. Could it be... techno?

Mission Complete: Deep within Arakhn's base, you defeated a gangster with Nictus powers.

ClueThe Dark Freak

Deep within Arakhn's base, you defeated a creature most foul. The Freakshow gangster you encountered seemed to have the powers of a Galaxy soldier, powers that, as far as you know, can only be gained by the infusion of a Nictus fragment into the host.


A Freak? With Nictus powers? That's strange, Xamot Der. Strange and terrifying. With any luck, this base was performing isolated experiments.

Defeat the villains and search for clues


You recall that strange Freakshow gangster you battled in Arakhn's base? The one with the Nictus powers? Well, I was hoping we'd seen the last of them, but it seems that hope was in vain. I've learned that a group of Freakshow are inhabiting a Council base over in Brickstown. I need you to get over there, defeat all villains you find, and search for clues. We have to find out if Arakhn has any more of these Dark Freaks squirreled away somewhere.

I'd like to assume this is just a lark for Arakhn, an experiment merely for the sake of curiosity. I'd like to, but I can't. I think this is the start of something big.

Part 2: Defeat all villains in base (Seek clues)
Council base @ Brickstown

A hyena-like laugh echoes off the walls.

Objective: You found an interesting e-mail.

ClueE-mail from Arakhn

This e-mail doesn't seem to have been sent yet. It reads:

'My friend:
The initial tests on the Freakshow seem to be going as planned. With your approval, I will be proceeding to Stage Two.

Mission Complete: You defeated the villains and found an interesting e-mail.


So, these Nictus-infused Freakshow are part of a larger plan. It seems that Arakhn is content with her efforts thus far, and is ready to push the project forward. I only wish I knew who she was writing that letter to. Whoever her partner in crime is, we'll have to root him out. If he has access to the same Nictus Fragments Arakhn is using to enhance the Freakshow, he's as great a threat as she is.

Find out where Arakhn's experiments are taking place


I'm pretty troubled by that e-mail you found, Xamot Der. It seems Arakhn's experiments on the Freakshow are just part of a greater plan, and she's reayd to move onto the second stage. That means we need information, and we need it fast. We need to know where Arakhn's latest experiments are taking place.

You've got to take to the streets and interrogate some of Rakhn's soldiers. You can usually find Council agents in Brickstown.

Part 3: Interrogate Council agents (Defeat 25 Council)
Defeat X @ Any

Mission Complete: On one of the defeated agents, you found some orders.

ClueCouncil orders

You found these orders on one of the Council agents you defeated. They read:

'The equipment is to be moved to Arakhn's new base at once, on my authority. Do not question me again.'

There are also a set of coordinates.

Part 4: Defeat all villains in base (Seek clues)
Council base @ Brickstown

An animal scream echoes up from the depths of these caves.

Objective: You found an interesting e-mail.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Council and found an interesting clue.

ClueAnonymous e-mail

You found this e-mail on a computer in Arakhn's base. It reads:

'My dear: Your successes, as always, are legion. With your ambition and my cunning, I truly believe we can depose that old buffoon and take the Council for ourselves.'

'I must share a concern, however. The constant attacks of the Peacebringers and Warshades are impacting us greatly. Our numbers are dwindling. You must improve the conversion rate for those implanted with N-Fragments, and quickly.'

Regrettably, there is no signature.


Well, the plot thickens. I've never seen enemies like the ones you described! And I imagine no one else has either. But what's even more troubling is this alliance Arakhn seems to be building with some unnamed Council rogue. If they're truly planning to take over the Council together, we've got a problem of unparalleled proportions on our hands!

Figure out where Arakhn's ally sent the e-mail from


We need to know who Arakhn's ally within the Council is. If she's truly plotting a coup with this person, his identity is essential to thwarting it! I've located a Council communications hub. If you get inside, you may be able to figure out what base Arakhn's ally sent that e-mail from. That'll get us one step closer to fingering him.

There won't be any strange creatures to defeat this time. Just get in, get the information, and get out.

Part 5: Get info about Arakhn's ally (Find origin of e-mail)
Council base @ Talos Island

This communications hub is well-staffed, and security is tight. Getting this info won't be easy.

Objective: You have hacked into the network and found the origin of the mysterious e-mail.

ClueThe ally's base

After hacking into the computer network at the Council's communications hub, you have incovered the origin of the e-mail from Arakhn's ally.

Mission Complete: You have the information you came for.


Good work, Xamot Der. Now we know where Arakhn's ally sent his e-mail from. I suppose there's only one more thing to do: you've got to go to that base and see who this mysterious ally of hers is.

Unmask Arakhn's ally


Thanks to your perseverance, we know the location of Arakhn's ally. Now all you need to do is unmask him.

We need conclusive evidence of this person's identity, Xamot Der. Knowing who's workign with Arakhn will be critical to preventing that black-hearted woman from taking over the Council.

Part 6: Learn identity of Arakhn's ally (Defeat Archon Vyzir)
Council base @ Talos Island

You have a few suspicions about Arakhn's mysterious ally. You just hope they're not correct.

Objective: Archon Vyzir had some spite-filled words for you after his defeat.

ClueThe Shadow Vampyr's story

When you defeated Archon Vyzir, he snarled:

'You are nothing compared to the combined might of Arakhn and Requiem! Someday they will topple the world, and you, foolish hero, will be lucky if you are alive to see it.'

Mission Complete: You defeated the base's leader, and learned that his master is none other than Requiem!


So, Arakhn and Requiem are working together! I feared as much, Xamot Der, but I hoped that I was wrong. It looks like we have a long road ahead of us in combating their unified might. But first, we have to deal with these Shadow Vampyri you've discovered. They're a threat we can't afford to see loosed on this humble city. I'll see what I can learn from the vampyri you captured.

Get data about Arakhn's experiments


Under interrogation, Archon Vyzir ha srevealed the location of a disused Rikti base used by both Requiem and Arakhn to house their experimental data. This base is unknown even to the Center, or so I am told. If you can infiltrate the base, you can likely recover critical data regarding Arakhn's implantation of Nictus fragments into various hosts. At the worst, that data will provide us with valuable information about how to fight them. At best, it'll cripple her efforts entirely.

According to Vyzir, Arakhn's experiments were rife with complications. So there's a real chance that confiscating that data will set her back to square one.

Part 7: Infiltrate underground lab (6 computers to hack)

Arakhn and Requiem have no doubt had to be cautious to keep their alliance from the Center. This old Rikti base provides them the perfect getaway.

Objective: You have recovered the data on this computer, and erased it from the hard drive.

Mission Complete: You have recovered all the data!

ClueArakhn's experiments

The data you stole from the secret lab details the experiments Arakhn has performed with her Nictus Fragment technology. Not only are there details about the Dark Vampyr project and the Shadow Freaks, but there are details of other horrible projects as well. One section of the paper notes that the conversion rate of those implanted with Nictus Fragments into full Nictus is approaching 40%. The paper projects that soon, the Nictus will be able to replenish their numbers with converted Galaxy soldiers alone.


Excellent work, Xamot Der. I don't know how many Shadow Vampyri remain in the field, or whether Arakhn will be able to make more of them without the data you've captured. But I do know one thing: thanks to you, we're in a far better position to handle whatever she can throw at us.

This data is highly valuable, but the most important secret you've uncovered is Arakhn's alliance with Requiem. I have no doubt that together they will provide a most formidable challenge. I'm glad I have you to rely on in facing them down.

It would be a good idea to concentrate on improving your abilities for a while, though. Speak to me again when you're around Security Level 35. You should be powerful enough then to face the next set of challenges.

Souvenir: Scary Monsters

You've kept this copy of Arakhn's experimental data as insurance in case you once again have to face her:

Scary Monsters

It began with reports of strange activity around a Council base. Galaxy troops had been seen escorting hydra Men. Freakshow. and Devouring Earth creatures into the base. You investigated. and found a Freakshow gangster who had acquired the abilities of the Galaxy. He had been implanted with Nictus fragments. as part of some sick experiments of Arakhn's.

You knew you had to find out more about what Arakhn was doing. A report of more Freakshow activity in a Council base in Brickstown got your attention. You journeyed there and fought several Dark Freaks. You also discovered an unsent e-mail from Arakhn herself! It was to an ally of hers within the Council. but you were unable to determine who that ally might be.

Arakhn's e-mail indicated that she was about to take her experiments to Stage Two. Desperate for answers. you took to the streets. After defeating many Council agents. you learned of a base where Arakhn's efforts continued. You went there and discovered several Galaxy troops with the ability to shift into War Wolves. You defeated them and found another interestign e-mail: not from Arakhn. but from her mysterious ally.

It was essential that you learn the man's identity. You went to a Council communications hub. where you learned the e-mail's base of origin.

With the information in hand. you wnet to the base and learned that it was under the purview of non other than Requiem! He and Arakhn had been working together! moreover. their experiments had created a race of Shadow Vampyri: vampyr with all the powers of a Galaxy soldier.

Your new knowledge weighed heavily upon you. but still. you needed to know more. You journeyed to the lab where Arakhn kept her experimental data and confiscated all of it. erasing it from the computers' hard drives afterward.

Even today. you cannot be sure how successful you were in eliminating the Shadow Vampyri. Although you arrested many of them and now hold the data that is necessary to their creation. it is unknown how many shadowy legions Arakhn and Requiem may already have created. You can only maintain your efforts against them. and steel yourself against the future showdown that will surely come between the evil Nictus and Kheldians such as yourself.

You know that you'll need to become stronger in order to face whatever the Nictus have planned. You were encouraged to return after you had mastered more of your powers. around Security level 35.

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