Kheldian Story ArcWarshades and Peace


Mission Index

  1. Defeat Trolls for information (Council)
  2. Fight Outcasts for information
  3. Find Lillian Issan
  4. Defeat Conway and his men
  5. Take information to Sunstorm
  6. Find and warn Freeflight
  7. Capture Lt. Ernie Stover
  8. Run program on database

Pry information about Lillian Issan from the Trolls


Xamot Der, there is something I must talk to you about. Someone, a reporter, has gone missing. Her name is Lillian Issan, and I am very concerned for her health. She was investigating the Void Hunters by looking into their connections with other groups. When she disappeared, she was investigating the Trolls. They might know what happened to her. I would like you to force any information they have from them. You should be able to find them in Skyway City.

I am very worried about Miss Issan, Xamot Der. I ask you to be quick in your search, and I hope that you can find what happened to her.

Part 1: Defeat Trolls for information (Defeat 15 Trolls)
Defeat X @ Any (Council)

Mission Complete: You were able to persuade one of the defeated Trolls to talk.

Clue'It was da Outcasts!'

After you defeated them, one of the Trolls was all too willing to talk:

'It not be us! It wuz da Outcasts! All gangs heard Council wanted girl captured, pay big reward! Money, free mercs, and quantie guns. But Outcasts got her before us. Now they gonna get reward.'

From the sounds of things, Miss Issan may be in more trouble than you suspected. The Outcasts may know more. You can find some to interrogate in Steel Canyon.

Part 2: Fight Outcasts for information (Defeat 15 Outcasts)
Defeat X @ Any

Mission Complete: One of the defeated Outcasts told you what you needed to know.

Clue'Yeah, we got that reporter'

One of the Outcasts you defeated tried to taunt you, but gave away the information you needed:

'Yeah, we got that reporter. The Council is offering a big reward for her alive. With that they're willing to pay for her, we didn't ask why. Broken Storm is gonna make the trade real soon, now. Then we'll have all the mercs and quantum guns we need to take care of you alien freaks!


So, Broken Storm has Lillian. No doubt he seeks revenge for the last time his schemes were foiled by a Warshade. I thank you, Xamot Der, though I will soon need to ask a great favor of you once more.

Oh, Lillian, what did you get yourself into?

Rescue Lillian Issan from the Outcasts


The reporter Lillian Issan is still being held by the Outcasts. They plan to cash the bounty on her head to the Council, and take their payment in quantum guns and mercenaries. I know that I have already asked much of you, but I must now ask even more. Xamot Der, I must ask you to rescue Lillian from the Outcasts before the Council take her.

The Outcast leader, Broken Storm, has crossed paths with me Warshades before. He will no doubt be looking forward to a chance for revenge. Remember, however, that your goal is to find Lillian, or to find out what has become of her.

Part 3: Find Lillian Issan
Abandoned office @ 'The Hollows'

This place used to be a commodities broker. Now a much grimmer kind of deal is about to occur here.

Objective: This crate is filled with disassembled Quantum weapons

Objective: You found information about the bounty on Lillian on Broken Storm

ClueThe high cost of journalism

You recovered this contract for the bounty on Lillian Issan's kidnapping from the Outcast leader Broken Storm after you defeated him. It says that Miss Issan is wanted for prying into Council operations and spying on Void Hunter activity, and places a sizable bounty in quantum weapons and free use of Void Hunter mercenaries in exchange for her capture.

Objective: You were able to convince one of the defeated Council soldiers to tell you what you wanted to know.

Clue'She saw something she shouldn't have'

After you defeated them, you were able to persuade one of the council troops to tell you what you wanted to know:

'The reporter made herself a target. She saw something she shouldn't have while she was prying into our business. It was our mistake that we never figured Issan would have friends like... you. It doesn't matter. The deal is done, and she's already enjoying our hospitality. Archon Conway has her now, and you'll never see her again.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Council negotiators, but it was too late. The Council has already taken the reporter Lillian Issan captive!


They already have her? They must not know who she is, or else Arakhn would have contacted me to gloat. This Archon Conway must not know the truth. You have my thanks for even going this far, Xamot Der, but I will have to ask you for more help. I cannot make a move to save Lillian Issan from the Council myself lest I give away her secret and put her in further danger. You see, Lillian Issan is my daughter, and the next in line to become Shadowstar.

Rescue Shadowstar's daughter, Lillian Issan, from the Council


My daughter, Lillian Issan, has been taken captive by the Council. She was investigating the Void Hunters, and the Council took notice. Fortunately, it seems that they do not know that Lillian is my daughter, and this gives us a chance to rescue her. I cannot act myself, or they might suspect her connection with me, and she would never be safe again. So I must again ask you for help, Xamot Der. I must ask you to rescue my daughter from the Council.

From the Council agent you captured, we were able to learn where Lillian is being kept, and the name of the base's leader. Rescuing Lillian is my top priority, but you'll also need to make sure that nothing that could prove her true identify remains behind. To do that, you'll also need to access their computer systems, and defeat the base leader, Archon Conway.

Part 4: Defeat Conway and his men (Find Lillian Issan)
Cavern @ 'The Hollows'

Lillian Issan's life now rests on your actions. Shadowstar awaits your return, and word of her daughter's fate.

Objective: You deleted all of the Council's files on Lillian, and also found a file listing all the Peacebringers in the city!

ClueConfirmed Enemies List

You found a link to this file attached to an email on a Council computer. It's a complete list of every Peacebringer in Paragon City. Along with their name and power level, it also lists their human identity. With this information in the Council's hands, no Peacebringer in Paragon City is safe.

Several Peacebringers have been singled out as 'Test Scenarios'. Whatever that means, it can't be good.

Mission Complete: You rescued Lillian Issan from Archon Conway, and found some menacing information

Clue'It'll be mass murder!'

Lillian Issan had some important information for you once you rescued her from the Council:

'The rescue was right on time, but the danger I was in was a small price to pay for what I found out. I was investigating the Void Hunters when I found out that they're being mobilized for a major operation. I found out that the Council got a list of all the Peacebringers from a group of renegades they were working with. They're going to hunt them down in their civilian identities! It'll be mass murder! We'll have to warn them, but I just don't know how to stop it.'


My daughter is safe, thanks to you, and for that I am forever in your debt. However, what she found out is disturbing indeed. The Council now knows the identity of every Peacebringer in the city, and plans to target them. If the Peacebringers fall, we will soon follow. But how to stop them?

Take information to Sunstorm


The information my daughter uncovered is important beyond words. If the Council knows the true identities of all the Peacebringers, they are certain to draw plans against them. Sunstorm must be given this information at once.

Sunstorm and his Peacebringers have been very fair to us. We should do our best to assist them in this crisis. Not to mention that if the Council should eliminate them, our own prospects become much more dire.

Part 5: Take information to Sunstorm
Delivery @ Atlas Park

Thank you for bringing this to us, Xamot Der. Let me see the list.

This is bad. They're actually missing some of our newer Peacebringers, but this is still too much information. We had several Peacebringers go renegade and side with the Council recently. They planned to start a war between us and the Warshades. We put a stop to that, but it looks like they got more than we thought from the rogues. This list would fit what they would have known.

This section of 'Test Scenarios' is really troubling. They're probably targets for test assassinations. I can pull in everyone at risk, but some of them are in the field, and I don't know if we have enough people. Xamot Der, I'm going to need your help. Could you warn one of the at-risk Peacebringers? Her name is Freeflight, and she's investigating the Vahzilok. According to the list, she's one of the prime test targets.

Part 6: Find and warn Freeflight (Find hostage, Find Freeflight)
Cavern @ 'The Hollows'

Freeflight went into these caves to investigate a Vahzilok missing person case.

Objective: You found the body of Freeflight. You were too late.

ClueFreeflight - fallen

When you went to try and warn Freeflight, you were too late. Freeflight was killed by what appeared to be Nictus powers.

Mission Complete: You were too late. Freeflight had already been killed by agents of the Council


Do not feel that Freeflight's death was your fault. Many more would have died without your work, and my daughter would be at the mercy of the Council. I have been speaking to Sunstorm, and we have been developing a plan to handle this situation. We will likely need to call on you again to help implement it.

Help confound the Council


I have been speaking with Sunstorm, and we've developed a plan to counter the Council's list of known Peacebringers. The problem is that none of his Peacebringers will be able to carry it out. They're all either too well known to the Council, or not powerful enough to accomplish the task. Therefore, I am asking you for your help to confound the Council.

The plan is in two parts. First, we need you to capture a specific Council computer engineer, a man named Ernie Stover. He's currently examining a potential site for a new Council base beyond Boomtown. Stover has access to the Council's database, and can provide us with the access we'll need for the next part of this plan. Take the train to the area where he is, and search for him there.

Part 7: Capture Lt. Ernie Stover
Instanced Outdoor [Boomtown] @ Northern Torpedo District

This section of the city is still in ruins from the war. The perfect place for the Council to hide a new facility.

Mission Complete: You successfully captured Lt. Ernie Stover, the Council Computer technician.


With Ernie Stover in custody, we should be able to get access to the Council's database until they can change their encryption codes. It will be a short window of opportunity, but that should still be enough time. Tell me when you're ready, Xamot Der, and we shall put an end to the Council's murderous plans.

Infiltrate a Council base and run the program


Excellent work again on the capture of Lt. Stover. He has been most cooperative in exchange for a reduced prison sentence. Using his information and the hard work of SERAPH's computer scientists, we are now ready. We need you to infiltrate a Council computer center and run the program we've created on their database server. It will infiltrate their network, and radically alter their list of Peacebringers. Hundreds of superheroes, policemen, and city workers have volunteered to be placed on the list. The Council will know that the list was altered, but with so many false matches, they won't know who to target. All we need is a brave Warshade to go in and run the program.

In addition to running the program on the database server, you'll also need to destroy several back-up computers that contain copies of the database, and are not on the Council's network. There should be 4 of those. When all of that is done, the threat will be over.

This disk was prepared by SERAPH computer scientists using the information Lt. Stover provided. Run it on the main Council Database computer, and it should spread through their network in no time.


This disk contains a powerful program designed to over-write certain sections of the Council's database, messing up their list of Peacebringers.

Part 8: Run program on database (Modify Computer, 4 back-ups to destroy)
Council base @ Atlas Park

This hidden Council computer facility ties together several parts of their network.

Objective: You have destroyed one of the Council's back-up computers

Objective: You have destroyed one of the Council's back-up computers

Objective: You have destroyed one of the Council's back-up computers

Objective: You have destroyed one of the Council's back-up computers

Objective: You have successfully modified the Council's Database.

Mission Complete: You have modified the Council's database, irretrievably confusing their list of Peacebringers.


It is done. The Council's plans are in disarray, Communications between Warshades and Peacebringers is at an all-time high, and my daughter is safe, at least until she finds some new way to get herself into trouble. You have performed admirably, and I am in your debt. There will be must that will come of this incident. I have spoken with Sunstorm, and we agree that the dangers facing us must be met together. Any remaining enmities between our groups must end. From this point forward, we shall battle together. You will still get missions from me, but both Warshades and Peacebringers will work towards common ends from this day forward.

Still, the danger has not passed, and I sense that we will face greater threats soon. Speak with me again when you are strong enough, probably when you are around Security Level 15. There will no doubt be more battles for you then.

Souvenir: A copy of Pe@c3w0rM.exe

You kept a copy of the computer disk that saved the lives of many Peacebringers and Warshades together during a case you called:

Warshades and Peace

It all started when a very upset Shadowstar told you about a young reported named Lillian Issan who had been investigating the Void Hunters. Miss Issan had gone missing while investigating the connection between the Void Hunters and the Trolls. You pressed the Trolls for information. and they told you that all gangs in the coty had been offered a reward for her capture by the Council! They also said that the Outcasts had beaten them to her capture. Some defeated Outcasts confirmed it. and told you that a Lead Shocker named Broken Storm would be making the trade soon.

You struck the Outcast hideout and defeated Broken Storm. but the Outcasts had already traded Lillian to the Council. Then Shadowstar revealed the chocking truth: Lillian Issan was her daughter. and the next in line to become Shadowstar. The Council. however. didn't seem to know this fact.

You rescued Lillian from the Council and defeated her captors. but she told you some disturbing information: It seems that the Council had gathered a list of the secret identities of all the Peacebringers in the city! Several Peacebringers had already been marked as 'Test Cases'. no doubt for assassination.

You warned the Peacebringer coordinatoe Sunstorm about the threat to his people. He asked for your help to get the word out to the Peacebringers in the most danger. You went to warn a Peacebringer called Freeflight. but were too late. The Council had already cut her down.

Working together. a plan was developed to infiltrate the Council's database and confuse their records. The only thing missing was some vital codes to gain access to the Council's computer system. You captured a Council technician. solving that problem.

You infiltrated a Council computer base and intriduced a subtle program into their systems. scrambling their list of known Peacebringers. Goodwill between Warshades and Peacebringers (missing word) at an all time high due to your selfless actions.

Shadowstar asked you to speek with her again when you were around Security Level 15. She felt that there would be more to come. but wanted you to be strong enough to handle it.

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