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Level Name Additional Information
30 - 30 VillainMinor Story Arc Silver-Tongued Devil - Interrogate Wailers Hardcase (St. Martial)Sliver-Tongued Devil
30 - 30 VillainStory Arc Sold for a Song - Collect demonic essence FlashBackHardcase (St. Martial)Johnny Sonata Tickets
35 - 35 VillainStory Arc Chaos Affair - Rescue Victims from Wailers FlashBackHardcase (St. Martial)Carnival Party Hat
35 - 35 VillainStory Arc Devil May Care - Steal something of Johnny's from Arachnos FlashBackJohnny Sonata (St. Martial)A signed glossy of Johnny Sonata
35 - 35 VillainMinor Story Arc Pied Piper - Find cause of Wailer attack Hardcase (St. Martial)Johnny Sonata Techno-Remix


Wailer Lord

The Wailer Lord is the biggest and strongest of the demons that infest St. Martial. It's assumed that the wailers fight for the power and the knowledge that comes with the title in terrible howling brawls that shake walls blocks away.

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