Tuatha de Dannan

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Stories featuring this faction

Level Name Additional Information
1 - 1 Hero & VillainSpecial Event Baby New Year - Rescue Baby New Year from Snaptooth! Father Time (Pocket D)CrystallizedFrostyMiraculousJoyful
25 - 25 HeroMinor Story Arc The Divining Rod - Push back the Fir Bolg Gordon Bower (Croatoa)
25 - 25 HeroMinor Story Arc The Ritual - Get Skipper some evidence Skipper LeGrange (Croatoa)
25 - 25 HeroMinor Story Arc The Eternal Battle - Defeat Tuatha in Misty Wood Kelly Nemmers (Croatoa)



The original Bres was a hero of the Tuatha de Dannan. Here in Croatoa, many of the creatures have earned the right to carry his name. They lead their fellow creatures in the effort to wipe out the Fir Bolg


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