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The Skulls are one of the many street gangs that operate in Paragon City. They are a death cult, of sorts, who seek personal glory and power through death, no matter whose. Today, their leaders lurk about one corner of Perez Park, called the Boneyard. They vie for control of the park, but are in the midst of a seemingly endless gang war with the Hellions.

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Stories featuring this faction

Level Name Additional Information
1 - 1 HeroOther Confiscate the Superadine - Defeat the Skulls and confiscate the Superadine Susan Davies (Atlas Park)
1 - 1 HeroOther Gang Activity - Put a stop to the gang activity in the office Antonio Nash (Atlas Park)
1 - 1 HeroOther Patrol Atlas Park - Patrol Atlas Park and watch for Skull activity Susan Davies (Atlas Park)
1 - 1 HeroOther Speak to Detective Brogan - Speak with Detective Brogan about the Skulls' attack Susan Davies (Atlas Park)
5 - 5 HeroPCPD Security Detail Kings Row Security Detail - See Kings Row Security Chief Genevieve Sanders (Kings Row)Jose Brogan (Atlas Park)Juan Jimenez (Kings Row)Kip Cantorum (Galaxy City)Paula Dempsey (Kings Row)
5 - 5 HeroSafeguard Protect Atlas Park Bank - Protect Atlas Park Bank Detective Becktrees (Kings Row)Detective Freitag (Kings Row)Heart of the City
5 - 5 VillainMayhem Mission Rob Atlas Park Bank - Rob Atlas Park Bank Mikey the Ear (Port Oakes)Global Threat
5 - 5 HeroKheldian Story Arc The Peace Killers - Find the source of the quantum array weapons Sunstorm (Atlas Park)A non-functional Quantum Array gun
5 - 5 HeroAccomplishment Badge Break up the fight - Get the Clockwork out of the warehouse before the Skulls get involved FlashBackPaula Dempsey (Kings Row)Negotiator
5 - 5 HeroOther Death's Head - Destroy the drug lab and recover the sample the Skulls are using Juan Jimenez (Kings Row)
5 - 5 HeroOther Drug Trafficking in Perez Park - Go to Perez Park and stop the Skulls' drug trafficking Juan Jimenez (Kings Row)
5 - 5 HeroOther Gang Warfare - Break up the gang fight Juan Jimenez (Kings Row)
5 - 5 HeroOther Investigate Superadine ring - Go to the streets and defeat a few Skulls Juan Jimenez (Kings Row)
10 - 10 HeroOther Peterson Waste Management - Investigate Peterson Waste Management and stop any skull plot you discover Wilson Zucco (Steel Canyon)
10 - 10 VillainMayhem Mission Rob Kings Row Bank - Rob Kings Row Bank Boris the Russian (Cap au Diable)Mikey the Ear (Port Oakes)King Maker
10 - 10 HeroOther Skull extortion in Kings Row - Go to Kings Row and show the Skulls they can't pick on Paragon City's businessmen Wilson Zucco (Steel Canyon)
10 - 10 HeroOther The Alternative - Clear the Hellions out of The Alternative Hugo Redding (Steel Canyon)
10 - 10 HeroStory Arc The Bonefire Plot - Stop the gang war FlashBackLorenzo DiCosta (Skyway City)Skulls bandana
10 - 10 HeroOther The Strong Man's Superadine stash - Confiscate the drugs Wilson Zucco (Steel Canyon)


Bone Daddy

The Skulls' leaders, the Bone Daddies, have become living embodiments of the power of death. They can literally suck the life out of a foe to feed their own spirits. They can also focus the pure darkness of the netherworld into physical attacks that cause massive damage.

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