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Level Name Additional Information
5 - 5 VillainOther The Sea Witch - Defeat the Sea Witch Mr. Bocor (Port Oakes)
20 - 20 VillainAccomplishment Badge Bust up the dockworker's strike - Bust up the dockworker's strike Lorenz Ansaldo (Sharkhead Isle)Strikebreaker
20 - 20 VillainStory Arc Carpe Diem - Interrogate Legacy Chain leader FlashBackLorenz Ansaldo (Sharkhead Isle)SeaweedBroken Seashell
20 - 20 VillainMinor Story Arc Any Body Will Do - Find out what's happening to the surveyors Vince Dubrowski (Sharkhead Isle)Rivet
25 - 25 VillainStory Arc Die By The Freak - Recover parts from Potter's Field FlashBackDoc Buzzsaw (Sharkhead Isle)SuperFreak Tracking Device
25 - 25 VillainStory Arc Forging the Blackwand - Retrieve Abyssal Tome from Legacy Chain FlashBackArchmage Tarixus (Sharkhead Isle)Ancient Mu Relic


Sea Witch

The Sea Witch is a hero from the Rogue Isles possessing elemental powers of the storm. She has been causing problems for the villains of the Rogue Isles for many years, including the destruction of many Family smuggling vessels including the Carpe Diem.

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