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One of Paragon City's most infamous street gangs is the Outcasts. A small but dangerous group, the Outcasts have a strong grip on many of the neighborhoods in Steel Canyon, although their long-standing enemies, the Trolls and the Tsoo, constantly threaten to upset the status quo. Gang wars are vicious, bloody, and all too common.

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Stories featuring this faction

Level Name Additional Information
5 - 5 HeroKheldian Story Arc An Absence of Shadows - Investigate the disappearance of Shadowcatcher Shadowstar (Galaxy City)An inscribed crystal
5 - 5 HeroMinor Story Arc Flux the Outcast - Arrest some Outcasts FlashBackFlux ('The Hollows')
5 - 5 HeroMinor Story Arc Officer Wincott vs. the Trolls - Hit the streets and put the hurt on the Outcasts FlashBackDavid Wincott ('The Hollows')
10 - 10 HeroPCPD Security Detail Steel Canyon Security Detail - Talk to the Steel canyon Security Chief Athena Currie (Steel Canyon)Tristan Caine (Skyway City)Hugo Redding (Steel Canyon)Lorenzo DiCosta (Skyway City)Wilson Zucco (Steel Canyon)
15 - 15 HeroOther Auction House Workers - Rescue the auction house workers Pavel Garnier (Skyway City)
15 - 15 HeroOther Boomtown Harrassment - Go to Boomtown and stop the Outcasts from harassing the populace Pavel Garnier (Skyway City)
15 - 15 HeroOther Defeat Outcasts in Steel Canyon - Defeat Outcasts in Steel Canyon Pavel Garnier (Skyway City)
15 - 15 HeroOther The Dance Party - Stop the Trolls from hitting the party Wyatt Anderson (Steel Canyon)
15 - 15 HeroOther The Outcast Artifact Auction - Interrogate some Outcasts on the street Pavel Garnier (Skyway City)
15 - 15 HeroOther The Talisman of Jiang Li - Recover the Talisman of Jiang Li Pavel Garnier (Skyway City)
15 - 15 HeroStory Arc The Tsoo Shenanigans - Pick up the Tsoo data from Juliana Nehring FlashBackThao Ku (Skyway City)Rage ampoule



Leonard Calhoun used to images life as a her. His strong elemental powers seemed to be just what the job required. Leonard made himself a costume and took up the name Frostfire, but he soon found that saving people wasn't nearly as appealing as picking their pockets. Frostfire descended into a life of crime and began to gather other misguided mutants such as himself. Thus, the Outcasts we born.


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