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Stories featuring this faction

Level Name Additional Information
5 - 5 VillainStory Arc The Book and the Burning - Steal the book for Bocor FlashBackMr. Bocor (Port Oakes)The Mask of Mordrogar
5 - 5 VillainAccomplishment Badge The Loa Bone - Retrieve the Loa Bone Mr. Bocor (Port Oakes)Bone Collector
10 - 10 VillainMinor Story Arc The Hit list - Make Wyvern's 'Hit List' your business The Radio (Port Oakes)The Hit List
10 - 10 VillainOther The Legacy Initiation - Crash the Legacy initiation ceremony The Radio (Port Oakes)
10 - 10 VillainMinor Story Arc Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge - Turn Pyriss into a villain Peter Themari (Cap au Diable)A lock of Pyriss' hair
15 - 15 VillainTask Force The Beast Beneath the Mountain - Agree to form a strike force Virgil Tarikoss (Cap au Diable)Binder of Beasts
20 - 20 VillainStory Arc Carpe Diem - Interrogate Legacy Chain leader FlashBackLorenz Ansaldo (Sharkhead Isle)SeaweedBroken Seashell
20 - 20 VillainStory Arc Disturbing the Dead - Speak to Archmage Tarixus FlashBackHenri Dumont (Sharkhead Isle)Depleted Magical Isotope
24 - 24 VillainTrial Respecification Trial - Agree to form a Strike Force Sparcetriel (Nerva Archipelago)Thorn Robber
25 - 25 VillainStory Arc Die By The Freak - Recover parts from Potter's Field FlashBackDoc Buzzsaw (Sharkhead Isle)SuperFreak Tracking Device
25 - 25 VillainStory Arc Forging the Blackwand - Retrieve Abyssal Tome from Legacy Chain FlashBackArchmage Tarixus (Sharkhead Isle)Ancient Mu Relic
25 - 25 VillainMinor Story Arc On the Trail of the Leviathan - Interrogate Circle of Thorns Operative Kirkland (Sharkhead Isle)Bone Scroll Case
25 - 25 VillainOther The Book, the Circle & the Warriors - Steal a book from the Legacy Chain Diviner Maros (Sharkhead Isle)
25 - 25 VillainStory Arc The Cult of the Shaper - Get Coral for Maros' plans FlashBackDiviner Maros (Sharkhead Isle)A Fragment of red coral crystal
25 - 25 VillainTask Force The Temple of the Waters - Agree to form a strike force Strike Force Operative Renault (Sharkhead Isle)Leviathan
35 - 35 VillainMinor Story Arc A Traitorous History - Capture the Circle Librarian and learn what you can from him Magus Mu'Drakhan (Nerva Archipelago)A citation full of commendation
35 - 35 VillainStory Arc The Secret of the Circle - Recover the missing mystic and discover the reason for his abduction FlashBackMagus Mu'Drakhan (Nerva Archipelago)Broken Spirit Trap



Serafina is a Genie who assisted the last hero to take up the mantle of Scirocco, helping him until his death in the Rikti War. With his dying breath he asked Serafina to help the heroes of Paragon City, which she does to this day. But now that a villain has stolen the mantle of Scirocco from the true successor, Serafina is determined to see the powers of the wind return.

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