Knives of Artemis

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Like a diamond-bladed sword, the Knives of Artemis are incomparably beautiful and deadly. Bewitching tales of the Knives of Artemis are told by military pundits and war journalists in awed tones around the world. Heroes speak of them with equal parts enthrallment and dread, because they are renowned for their charms as much as for their mercilessness.

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Stories featuring this faction

Level Name Additional Information
40 - 40 VillainMinor Story Arc Breaking Knives - Stop the Knives' assault Arbiter Daos (Grandville)Sister Isis' goggles
40 - 40 HeroStory Arc Melvin and the Mysterious Malta Group - Rescue Indigo's anonymous contact FlashBackIndigo (Founders' Falls)A painting called Gentlemen of Malta
45 - 45 HeroStory Arc Project: World Wide Red - Find out why a Chinese ambassador would have a Malta Group gunslinger as his bodyguard FlashBackCrimson (Peregrine Island)Master/Mistress of OlympusThe thanks of the World
45 - 45 VillainMinor Story Arc The TV Report - Watch more Television Television (Grandville)An Arachnos Rec Schedule
45 - 45 HeroStory Arc To Save A Thousand Worlds - Find the missing scientists FlashBackUnai Kemen (Peregrine Island)Pure flame


Hand of Artemis

The highest ranks in the Knives of Artemis are small in number. In addition to being deadly combatants, they must be able to adhere to and foster a strict code of honour. Some consider honour among mercenaries hypocrisy of the highets order, they just don't say so in front of any Knives.

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