Minions of Igneous

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There are horrors in the depths of the Hollows far more menacing than the Trolls or Outcasts. The Igneous are a strange race, seemingly made of living rock and magma, and alien to the eyes of humanity.

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Stories featuring this faction

Level Name Additional Information
10 - 10 HeroMinor Story Arc Julius the Kind Hearted Troll - Take on a few Trolls FlashBackJulius the Troll ('The Hollows')
12 - 12 HeroTrial The Cavern of Transcendence - Agree to form a task force Karsis ('The Hollows')TranscendentBadge of Honor
12 - 12 HeroMinor Story Arc The Heart of the Hollows - Defeat some Trolls FlashBackTalshak the Mystic ('The Hollows')



This massive Pumicite guards the way to Sam Wincott.

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