Carnival of Shadows

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The first spark of the Carnival of Shadows blossomed at the end of the 17th century, in a small Venetian village. Giovanna Scaldi was a young peasant girl, born to a farming family in Padua. Like many pretty, clever girls, Giovanna had her world wrapped around her little finger -- but at the age of 15, Giovanna learned she was special.

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Stories featuring this faction

Level Name Additional Information
30 - 30 VillainMinor Story Arc Miss Fortune's Wheel - Press the 'YES' button. Slot Machine (St. Martial)A strange casino chip
30 - 30 VillainCostume Unlock power of the destined one - Unlock power of destined one Kalinda (Mercy Island)
35 - 35 VillainStory Arc Chaos Affair - Rescue Victims from Wailers FlashBackHardcase (St. Martial)Carnival Party Hat
35 - 35 VillainMinor Story Arc Fat Cat City - Dig up blackmail info on corrupt politician Basse Croupier (St. Martial)'Vote for Wenkler!' button
35 - 35 VillainStory Arc The Missing Maidens - Investigate the disappearances FlashBackJezebel Jones (St. Martial)Jezebel's token
40 - 40 VillainStory Arc Mystic Mayhem - Stop the attack FlashBackGhost Widow (Grandville)Ghost Widow's BetrayerThe Sand Riddle
40 - 40 VillainOther Rescue Night Widows - Rescue Night Widows from Carnival Regent Korol (Grandville)
40 - 40 HeroOther The Carnival and Morrison Stocks and Bonds - Stop the Carnival Attack Madeleine Casey (Founders' Falls)
40 - 40 HeroOther The Carnival and the PCPD - Stop the Carnival's party before they find the files Madeleine Casey (Founders' Falls)
40 - 40 HeroOther The Famous Track Star - Rescue Samson Grey from the Carnival Madeleine Casey (Founders' Falls)
40 - 40 HeroStory Arc To Save a Soul - Check out the Carnival of Shadows party FlashBackMadeleine Casey (Founders' Falls)Madeline Casey's pendant
45 - 45 HeroStory Arc Upon the Psychic Plane - Find Ellie Weissman FlashBackHarvey Maylor (Peregrine Island)Vanessa DeVore's mask


Vanessa DeVore

Vanessa DeVore is many things to many people: sly trickster, peppy party girl, cold-hearted killer. For years she's been wearing the delicate porcelain mask that contains the soul of the powerful psychic, Giovanna Scaldi. Even with Giovanna vastly weakened by her defeat on the psychic plane, Vanessa is as strong, and as evil, as ever. She has made Giovanna's power her own, and in doing so, she has destroyed the innocent woman she once was.

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