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The shadowy brain trust known as the Council has become a major player in Paragon City only recently, but their roots stretch back through more than six decades of trickery, intrigue, and lies. After their recent coup, the Council is ready to take Paragon City by storm, starting from their base on Striga Isle.

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Stories featuring this faction

Level Name Additional Information
1 - 1 HeroOther Council Ciphers - Find the Council's ciphers Derek Amberson (Galaxy City)
1 - 1 HeroOther Missing: Todd Poston - Speak to Rachel Torres Derek Amberson (Galaxy City)
1 - 1 HeroOther Speak to Laurence Mansfield - Speak to Laurence Mansfield Susan Davies (Atlas Park)
1 - 1 HeroOther Stolen Weapons - Talk to Maurice Feldon Derek Amberson (Galaxy City)
1 - 1 HeroSpecial Event Aphrodite's Girdle - Find out where Arachnos is keeping Aphrodite's girdle Ganymede (Pocket D)Handsome/Beautiful
5 - 5 VillainOther Kidnap a Council base commander - Kidnap a Council base leader Angelo Vendetti (Port Oakes)
5 - 5 VillainMinor Story Arc The Council Cargo - Get to work against the Council Angelo Vendetti (Port Oakes)Blechley's Goggles
5 - 5 VillainOther The Council's Financial Information - Steal Council financial information Angelo Vendetti (Port Oakes)
5 - 5 VillainAccomplishment Badge The Traitorous Vendetti Retainer - Hurt the traitorous Vendetti retainer Angelo Vendetti (Port Oakes)Stone ColdMook Capo
10 - 10 HeroOther An Unwelcome Council - Go to Steel Canyon and convince the Council that they're not welcome Lorenzo DiCosta (Skyway City)
10 - 10 HeroOther Council Cell - Shut down the Council cell Lorenzo DiCosta (Skyway City)
10 - 10 HeroOther Council Information Network - Find evidence leading to the rest of the Council bases Lorenzo DiCosta (Skyway City)
10 - 10 HeroOther Council Sabotague - Go to Steel Canyon and stop the Council sabotage Lorenzo DiCosta (Skyway City)
10 - 10 HeroOther Kidnapped Physicist - Rescue Mason before the Council can torture him into assisting them Lorenzo DiCosta (Skyway City)
10 - 10 VillainOther Steal a Nictus from the Council - Steal a Nictus from the Council Dr. Shelly Percey (Cap au Diable)
10 - 10 VillainOther The Council Spymaster - Call in for a shot at the Council Spymaster, and then catch the Spy in 60 minutes The Radio (Port Oakes)
10 - 10 HeroKheldian Story Arc Warshades and Peace - Pry information about Lillian Issan from the Trolls Shadowstar (Galaxy City)A copy of Pe@c3w0rM.exe
10 - 10 HeroTutorial Invention Program: Salvage - Research Salvage in the Bookcase Professor Boram (Steel Canyon)
15 - 15 HeroOther Boomtown Training - Stop the Council from training in Boomtown Karen Parker (Skyway City)
15 - 15 HeroOther Citizens for ransom - Save the citizens from their Council captors Karen Parker (Skyway City)
15 - 15 HeroOther Interrogate the Council - Interrogate a few Council soldiers Karen Parker (Skyway City)
15 - 15 HeroOther Power substation strike - Arrest every Council soldier in the warehouse Karen Parker (Skyway City)
15 - 15 HeroKheldian Story Arc Shadow Science - Find the Council escapee Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)An inert N-Fragment
15 - 15 HeroOther The Council's latest cypher - Hit the streets in Boomtown and find a sample of the code Karen Parker (Skyway City)
20 - 20 HeroStory Arc A Hand of Iron - Prevent the Freakshow from making off with the electronics FlashBackWilma Peterson (Independence Port)Iron Hand's Badge
20 - 20 HeroOther Council Bombing - Stop the Council bombing Oswald Cuthbert (Independence Port)
20 - 20 HeroOther Council Data - Recover the Council data Oswald Cuthbert (Independence Port)
20 - 20 HeroOther Council Recruits - Go to Independence Port and stop the Council recruiting Oswald Cuthbert (Independence Port)
20 - 20 HeroOther Expanded Operations - Hit the streets and defeat a few Council soldiers Oswald Cuthbert (Independence Port)
20 - 20 HeroMinor Story Arc Heracles - Shut the Council down Stephanie Peebles (Striga Isle)
20 - 20 HeroMinor Story Arc Maestro - Stop press gang in Port Noble Long Jack (Striga Isle)
20 - 20 HeroOther Neighborhood Watch on the Council - Decrease the Council presence in Independence Port Oswald Cuthbert (Independence Port)
20 - 20 HeroKheldian Story Arc Winslowe and the Cosmotron - Stop the Sky Raider attack and talk to Dr. Winslowe Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)A Piece of the Cosmotron
20 - 20 VillainTask Force Pirates of the Sky - Agree to form a strike force Silver Mantis (Supergroup Base)Pirate Hunter
23 - 23 HeroTask Force The Kheldian War - Agree to form a task force Moonfire (Striga Isle)Honorary PeacebringerThe Kheldian War
25 - 25 HeroKheldian Story Arc Fear and Loathing in Striga Isle - Speak to Moonfire on Striga Isle Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)A prototype Quantum weapon
25 - 25 HeroOther The Congressman - Save the congressman and his aides from the Devouring Earth Eliza Thorpe (Talos Island)
25 - 25 HeroMinor Story Arc The Council Turncoat - Confirm Zenith Mech Man presence Lars Hansen (Striga Isle)
25 - 25 HeroStory Arc The Freaklympics - Stop the office rampages FlashBackMarvin Weintraub (Talos Island)Freaklympics gold medal
25 - 25 HeroMinor Story Arc The Vampyri - Clear out some of the Council Tobias Hansen (Striga Isle)
25 - 25 HeroStory Arc An Unnatural Order - Defeat the Devouring Earth before they can mount a full attack FlashBackEliza Thorpe (Talos Island)Will of the Earth Sample
25 - 25 VillainOther Capture Council base leader - Capture Council base leader Operative Kirkland (Sharkhead Isle)
25 - 25 HeroTask Force Citadel's Children - Interrogate some Council soldiers Citadel (Talos Island)Citadel's AssistantComputer Chip
25 - 25 VillainStory Arc Die By The Freak - Recover parts from Potter's Field FlashBackDoc Buzzsaw (Sharkhead Isle)SuperFreak Tracking Device
25 - 25 VillainMinor Story Arc Heavy Metal Doctoring - Help Doc Buzzsaw get what she needs to start building Tank Freaks Doc Buzzsaw (Sharkhead Isle)A Freakstarter
25 - 25 HeroOther Stop the Council from stealing Rikti Technology - Stop the Council from stealing Rikti Technology Laurie Pennington (Independence Port)
25 - 25 HeroTask Force The MegaMech Cometh - Agree to form a task force Ernesto Hess (Striga Isle)Burkholder's BaneErnesto Hess' Council insignia
25 - 25 HeroStory Arc Ubelmann the Unknown - Stop the Council raid FlashBackLaurie Pennington (Independence Port)Entrusted with the SecretLetter from Requiem
30 - 30 HeroKheldian Story Arc Scary Monsters - Find out what's going on in Arakhn's base Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)Scary Monsters
30 - 30 VillainMinor Story Arc High Roller's Last Gamble - Press the 'Yes' button Slot Machine (St. Martial)A letter from Poughkeepsie
30 - 30 HeroStory Arc The Rise of the Vampyri - Investigate base 80-05 FlashBackMerisel Valenzuela (Brickstown)Dossier on Victor Samson
30 - 30 HeroTask Force A Mind in Danger - Agree to form a task force Calvin Scott (Independence Port)Soul orb
35 - 35 HeroKheldian Story Arc The Nictus Alliance - Expose the Council's greatest secret Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)Letter from Arakhn
35 - 35 HeroStory Arc A Path Into Darkness - Capture Council soldiers before they flee the country FlashBackColleen Nelson (Brickstown)Entrusted with the SecretThe Book 'The Rites of the Dark'
35 - 35 VillainOther Dekker's Debt - Remind Archon Dekker to pay up Basse Croupier (St. Martial)
40 - 40 HeroKheldian Story Arc The Nictus Insurrection - Infiltrate a Nictus base and find out what's causing them so much trouble. Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)A map of a Nictus Earth
40 - 40 HeroOther Automaton Vampyri - Raid the Nemesis automaton research lab and figure out what they've been working on Maxwell Christopher (Founders' Falls)
40 - 40 VillainMinor Story Arc Kuhr'Rekt Diplomacy - Steal Rikti weapons from the Council Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt (Grandville)A Rikti certificate
40 - 40 HeroOther Omega Omicron 26-20 - Stop the Council soliders Tina Macintyre (Peregrine Island)
40 - 40 VillainOther Steal Chemical Shipment - Steal chemical shipment Terrence Dobbs (Grandville)
45 - 45 VillainMinor Story Arc Light and Darkness - Take the job defending the Crey lab Abyss (Grandville)Light and Darkness
45 - 45 VillainOther Save Amanda Vines - Stay tuned through the commercials Television (Grandville)
45 - 45 HeroKheldian Story Arc The Final Darkness - Rescue Lillian Issan from whatever trouble she's found Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)
45 - 45 VillainMinor Story Arc Video Killed the Radio - Learn why the Radio is really your enemy FlashBackTelevision (Grandville)A broken boombox



Ridolfo Uzzano has come a long way from his humble beginning as one of Mussolini's lapdogs. The primary cause of his success was his fusion with a Nictus, a being of utter darkness. The Nictus gave Ridolfo the ability to scorch his foes with an infernal fire. Though he is now over 100 years old, Requiem remains a fearsome foe in battle. Before the Center arrived to spoil his fun, Requiem ruled over the massive military organization that was subsumed by the Council. His closest attendents suspect that Requiem is still smarting from his loss of power, and plotting his revenge.

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