Banished Pantheon

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Stories featuring this faction

Level Name Additional Information
10 - 10 HeroTEST Dave's Test - Test
20 - 20 HeroPCPD Security Detail Security Detail: Dark Astoria - Assist the Dark Astoria Security Chief Dennis Ewell (Independence Port)Georgia Fields (Independence Port)Oliver Hoak (Talos Island)Oswald Cuthbert (Independence Port)Wilma Peterson (Independence Port)
20 - 20 HeroOther Find Suzanne Trent - Find Suzanne Trent Oliver Hoak (Talos Island)
20 - 20 HeroAccomplishment Badge Stop both groups of mystic madmen - Stop both groups of mystic madmen FlashBackOliver Hoak (Talos Island)Spirit Warrior
20 - 20 HeroStory Arc The Wheel of Destruction - Stop the warriors from stealing the museum's artifacts FlashBackOliver Hoak (Talos Island)Hub of the Wheel of Destruction
25 - 25 HeroKheldian Story Arc Fear and Loathing in Striga Isle - Speak to Moonfire on Striga Isle Shadowstar (Galaxy City)Sunstorm (Atlas Park)A prototype Quantum weapon
25 - 25 HeroMinor Story Arc The Vampyri - Clear out some of the Council Tobias Hansen (Striga Isle)
25 - 25 HeroAccomplishment Badge Rescue the mystics - Track down the Pantheon and rescue the mystics FlashBackLaura Brunetti (Independence Port)Mystical Savior
25 - 25 VillainOther Steal the Scroll of Tielekku - Steal an artifact from cultists Diviner Maros (Sharkhead Isle)
25 - 25 HeroStory Arc The Scroll of Tielekku - Find out what's so interesting to the Banished Pantheon and the Warriors FlashBackLaura Brunetti (Independence Port)Translation of the Scroll of Tielekku
25 - 25 VillainTask Force The Temple of the Waters - Agree to form a strike force Strike Force Operative Renault (Sharkhead Isle)Leviathan
40 - 40 HeroOther The Unbanished - Extract the rebels from the Pantheon's dimension Tina Macintyre (Peregrine Island)
45 - 45 HeroStory Arc To Save A Thousand Worlds - Find the missing scientists FlashBackUnai Kemen (Peregrine Island)Pure flame



For centuries, Adamaster caused havoc and destruction to sailors off the coast of Africa. According to legend, he attacked the sea goddess Thetis and was banished from the oceas forever. Miserable and bereft, Adamaster wandered the Dark Continent seeking mortal prey - until the Banished Pantheon found a use for him in Paragon City.

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